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  • Hi

    After upgrading to WP2.6 and do a search I see all of the revisions (No feature in 2.6) that means that I see the same post 8 TIMES!
    (With some minor modifikations) is there any way to fix this?

    Best regards

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  • I have the exact same problem, but have not found a solution.. All the revisions of a page or post is also shown along with the real results – at least when clicked they all return the “Page not found”.

    Hope someone else knows what goes wrong here and how it can be fixed.. Or know an alternative plugin, that would help search pages also (and not just posts).


    I went back to the default search plug-in (K2) theme and then it works but the searches isn’t as god ….

    There’s another reason why not to use the revision option (which IS a feature in 2.6 Casperse, see all the threads about it). The revisions are put in an illogical place in the database and the Search Everything plugin isn’t yet edited to discard these tables. I hadn’t noticed myself, but then again, I have disabled the revisions.

    Gangleri (or somebody else) – where can I turn the “Search Revisions too” option OFF? I can’t seem to find anything related to Revisions in the setting for the Search Everything plugin..

    the Search Everything plugin isn’t yet edited to discard these tables.

    That’s a quote from myself. I don’t the plugin has been updated since the revision function. You might want to pick that up with the plugin author.

    For the time being you can use this function:

    Exclude some post or page IDs

    Each revision has an ID.

    Btw. I have disabled revisions entirely, so Search Everything hasn’t got anything extra to search.

    I use this plugin…Keeps the Revisons to only the Blogs I need them on…And can disable them on others..also I have limited the revisions to 2 ….You might want to check it out…

    I use it, but using it won’t solve your problem with Search Everything when you keep using revisions. Hopefully Search Everything will be updated some time soon, but then again, the guy asks for a little help/time.

    Found a fix for that behavior: You have to add a method and a plugin hook registration to the plugin:

    After the Constructor SearchEverything() { … } add the following:

    // Exclude post revisions
    function SE4_no_revisions($where) {
      global $wp_query;
      if (!empty($wp_query->query_vars['s'])) {
        where = 'AND (' . substr($where, strpos($where, 'AND')+3) . ') AND post_type != \'revision\'';
      return $where;

    Afterwards you may register the method in the constructor itself. Add the follwing line to the constructor:

    function SearchEverything(){
      // Add registration of bo_revisions hook handler
      // right before the following line already existant
      add_filter('posts_where', array(&$this, 'SE4_no_revisions'));
      //Duplicate fix provided by Tiago.Pocinho
      add_filter('posts_request', array(&$this, 'SE4_distinct'));

    Greets from Salzburg,


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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