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  • Hello.

    Running the latest version of wordpress and the Search Everything plugin, causes the ‘wp_nav_menu’ function in my theme not to the load the specified nav menu.

    If I disable the plugin wp_nav_menu works normally. Anyone experiencing this?



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  • I have the same problem. But it happens in just one of the two sites I’m running. I can’t find out what makes it work in one and break on the other.

    Just found out what causes the problem on my site. It happens when I fill the “Exclude categories” field.

    Yeah I can confirm that aswell, I was excluding a category.

    Looks like we’ve found us a bug.

    I have the same results when excluding categories.

    Has the plugin dev seen this post?

    Same problem here. Are the developers working on a fix?

    I figured out how to fix it, but you’ll have to edit the “search-everything.php” plugin file to do so.

    On line 257, replace this:

    add_filter('posts_search', array(&$this, 'se_search_where'));

    with this:

    add_filter('posts_search', array(&$this, 'se_search_where'),10,2);

    Then, on line 341, replace the following code at the top of the se_search_where function:

    function se_search_where($where)
    		global $wp_query, $wpdb;

    with this:

    function se_search_where($where, $wp_query)
    		  if ( $GLOBALS['wp_query'] !== $wp_query )
        return $search;

    What this does is say, “If this isn’t the same query created by Search Everything, don’t add the Search Everything “where” clause to the query.”

    awsome, thanks for your share.

    I’ve got good news: the developer got involved, and a fix should be out in an upcoming update.

    Meanwhile, we came up with a better fix than the one above.

    Instead of this line:

    if ( $GLOBALS['wp_query'] !== $wp_query )

    Use this:

    if(!$wp_query -> is_search())

    This makes the fix work for every sort of search, not just the main Search Everything query.

    Hi. Sorry to bother you, but I just installed the latest version of ‘search-everything’. I’ve never had a previous version. I see a ‘screenshot’ over here –>, but I dont have a ‘settings’ or ‘options’ button to get to this screen. Any idea where I’m going wrong? Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

    Found it. Thanks.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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