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  • Hello,

    I’m trying to look for several terms I’m sure they exists… and no results are returned.

    My installation it’s not traditional thought:

    No posts or pages.
    One Custom Post Type (say Movies)
    Two Custom Taxonomies for Movies (say Directors and Actors)
    Several Custom Fields on every Movie.

    I’ve a movie called Star Trek: First Contact, directed by Jonathan Frakes… and a custom field called title_sp which value is Primer Contacto

    If I search for Contacto, it works, if I search for Primer, it works as so for Jonathan … or Frakes.

    However, if I search for Primer Contacto or Jonathan Frakes it returns nothing.

    I hope it makes sense 🙁

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  • It does make sense. This bug has been around for a while now. No word from developers yet. I posted about it like 2 months ago and I just pumped my thread again.

    i’m also looking for a way to search:
    tag1 tag2 tag3

    Anybody come across a solution to this problem? I am also using a custom post type with all sorts of meta data. I need to be able to perform multiple keyword queries but it definitely doesn’t work.

    Any help would be awesome.

    danzigism, here is the solution. Sorry I didn’t post back when I got it but there are many threads regarding this problem.

    great info. that works a treat. However I do still have some issues when searching for certain parts of my custom fields. For example some of my custom fields are:

    Address: 123 Joe Blow Road
    City: Georgetown
    State: AL
    Zip: 12345
    Business Type: Computers

    If I search for “Joe Blow” the results display just fine. If I search for “Computers Georgetown” it works just fine.

    But if I type “Computers 12345” for the ZIP code, it does not work. Nor does a query like “Computers Joe Blow”.

    Any idea as to why certain keyword combinations don’t work? It’s all basic meta data inserted in to each custom post the same exact way.

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