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  • Hi, up to v6.7, the plugin worked well even when looking for phrases consisting of several words. Example:

    lists the three articles in my personal blog with the headline consisting of the same five words (plus a number in brackets).

    In all later versions of the plugin, this phrase search does not work anymore, so I had to freeze the last version that worked fine for me.

    The current version would list a lot of other articles as well that don’t contain the search phrase; obviously because the plugin is no longer looking for the exact phrase, but (only) for ONE of the words in it.

    Personally, I think that this is a bug and not a feature and I’d be really happy if the original functionality would be restored in one of the next releases. Thanks!

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  • I am having exactly the same problem as you. The new search method matches only one of the words. Also, if straight quotes are used, the results are empty! Until an official solution is released, I have reverted to the old search method like this:

    IN FILE search-everything.php
    $searchQuery = $this->se_search_default();
    $searchQuery = '';
    $where = preg_replace('#\(\(\(.*?\)\)\)#', '(('.$searchQuery.'))', $where);
    $where = str_replace( ")))", ")$searchQuery))", $where );

    This restores the old search method in newer versions of “Search Everything”.

    Thanks a lot, sqhk, your “tweak” works very well indeed. Great, that allows us to keep “Search Everything” both updated AND working! 😉

    I really can’t understand why the author of the plugin has discarded a working search method in favour of a non-working one.

    However, even the “old method” is far from perfect: While it finds multiple word phrases in articles, it still finds only single words in comments. That’s very sad since extending the scope of the default WordPress search function to comments was one of the main reasons for me for employing a search plugin at all…

    Let us hope that the plugin’s author will finally provide a solution that covers every need and aspect!

    @sqhk – NICE JOB!

    @zonebattler – yeah what is up with these free plugin authors anyway. How do i get a refund? LOL LOL LOL

    I am a free plugin creator so I feel these authors pain. Been at this very same spot before. 😉 In trying to move forward and take things to new levels sometimes things can go wrong. It happens. Keep up the excellent work guys!

    I upgraded to v6.9.3 today, and all the issues seem solved. The “tweak” is no longer needed. Everything works without “tweak” now, at least on my site.

    Thanks, sqhk, I can confirm that with v6.9.3, everything works as well as expected (including the search for multiple word phrases in comments). Thank you, Dan!

    hmmmm…if I search more than one term I get a 404 page

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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