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  • I’d like to share with you a tool I use to find plugins. It is a database search of the plugin repository but with more powerful search logic.

    You can search by:
    • Name
    • Keywords,
    • Minimum rating,
    • Minimum number of ratings,
    • Minimum number of downloads,
    • Last updated since,
    • & exclude any plugins that are reported as broken.

    There is also a boolean search mode where you can refine the Name and Keyword search using modifiers such as + – ( ) ” ” ~ < >.

    Sometimes to find the best plugins I’ve never heard of I set the rating and the minimum number of ratings high then search. Then depending on the number of results you can change the levels to get a list of a few really great plugins.

    Or if I am looking for a plugin for a particular job, I’ll use some keywords and change the levels until there is a very short list of plugins to look though.

    The link is:


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