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    Thanks for the kind words!

    Transition speed is set at the moment and that’s certainly something I’ll change in the next version (hopefully I’ll be able to work on it next week).

    In the mean time, if you’re reasonably confident making changes to the plugin files (you can do this offline and then upload, or do it through the plugin editor if the files are writeable) you can change the speed like this:

    Go to line 168 and edit it so it reads:

    echo "fx: '" . $pr_effects . "',";

    All I’ve added here is a comma at the end, after the single quote. Then insert a new line.
    On the new line, add the following:

    echo "timeout: 3000";

    Where the number is the time between slides in milliseconds.

    You can add other jQuery Cycle attributes in the same way – for example, to set the speed of the transition (i.e. how fast the fade is, rather than how long there is between fades) add the following line:

    echo "speed: 300";

    You will need to make sure that if you add more than one setting, all but the last must end with a comma (i.e. echo "timeout: 3000,";

    Hope that helps – like I say, next version will include timeout, plus I’ll include speed, and an advanced field to add your own Cycle attributes.

    Oh my, you are ambitious. I might have to PayPal you some of my hard earned $$$!

    I think this plugin has tremendous potential. While there are a lot of gallery, slideshow, or slider plugins, most prove problematic. This plugin has the ability to pull from a post category. I haven’t run across any others that do that. It was just what the doctor ordered here:

    Plugin Author maltpress


    Hey FlashBuddy,

    New version now available lets you change the plugin speed – both how long the slides show, and how quickly the transition takes place.

    Any more requests (or ideas for other plugins!) let me know…

    Thanks Adam, I’ll check it out.

    A client asked me today if the slider can have back and forward slide controls, or navigation controls such as the little dots, boxes, numbers, thumbnails…

    I haven’t had time to check out your plugin for those?

    BTW – Where do I send that PayPal donation?

    Plugin Author maltpress


    No navigation at the moment – that’s starting to add a new level of complexity. It’ll happen one day, I’m sure, but probably not for a while I’m afraid (I have to do some paid work now!).

    This might be a bit more what you’re after: but it may need a bit of work as it’s not been updated for a while.

    If you would like to donate, Here’s the link – much appreciated!


    Silly head, your link don’t work. “Fatal Failure”. Must have something to do with the UK?! 😉

    Plugin Author maltpress


    OK – try this:

    Donate link

    Or failing that, the donate link on the right of the plugin home page… or failing that(!) or if you’d rather, give your donation to Mental Health America (NMHA) or a local mental health charity. Or any charity you believe in.



    Are you calling me crazy?!

    Plugin Author maltpress


    Nope – it’s just the closest I can find in the US to Mind, a UK charity I really believe in. But like I say – any charity you believe in would be cool.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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