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  • The repository* would serve users better if it had a classification for well made and well supported plugins (and this is one) which require payment but do offer a full money-back guarantee.

    The missing information for this one is in the installation tab which says:

    NOTE: Obtain an API Key from

    but it should probably add that to get the API Key, you do have to stump up a minimum of $17.00, but a no-questions guarantee will be honoured if the product is not suitable.

    (This plugin comes from the Genesis devs and in my experience their support is better than any other theme.)

    * NB: There are other plugins on here that blatantly state that you need to pay to make them work – like this one:

    [as at today’s date.]

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    @zonder – thanks for tagging the thread.

    This ain’t a place for commercial products, does this any way belong to GPL?

    The GPL freedom does not mean cost free (although developers can give GPL software away if they choose to do so). GPL free means the author of the software grants you the freedom to modify and redistribute both the original software and your modified version on the condition that the copies you redistribute are also licensed under the GPL. The full GPL license is included in the root of the WordPress zip.


    Thanks but I have no problem with the GPL aspect – my point was simply with having a clear description from the developer.

    Only a few words are needed, then nobody wastes valuable time.

    As it turns out, Scribe is a paid-monthly service. And if you don’t use up your evaluations/analysis, they don’t roll over onto the next month.

    So if you’d purchase a plan today, for instance, and you (or your client) don’t get onto the optimisation routine until the 1 May, you lose 1 month’s subscription.

    In a perfect world everyone posts every day and does the tedious SEO as they go – but in practice most of our clients have a flurry of posts (new products, new staff, safety advisories etc) then not much for days or even weeks.

    So in this situation, unless you implement it on a number of sites (which is generously permitted) Scribe is not good value IMHO.

    Easy WP SEO* is only $37 and has no monthly allocation.

    *No I’m not an affiliate.

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    @zonder – the first line was directed to you. That’s why I stuck your name in front of it. The quote was from the original poster. The rest of my post was in response to that.

    On your original post – we appreciate the feedback 🙂

    The first thing came to mind was as same as you OP. This is a highly costed commercial plugin and it’s just misleading the WP users here.

    Thanks for wasting my time, I returned the favor by giving you a single star!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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