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  • Another commercial plugin lurking in the WordPress repository. Wish someone would sweep this junk out and keep the repository for actual open-source developers/community.

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  • Plugin Author ScribeSEO


    Scribe for WordPress is open source and the WordPress plugin is released under GPLv2 which is a requirement of posting it to

    Please review the details of GPLv2 at and also the requirements of submitting a plugin to at for a better understanding of plugin requirements on

    Since you are probably new to the open source community, you will want to also review for an excellent review of GPL in general.

    Finally, WordPress developers are encouraged to alter, amend and add to the plugin we have released as we support the WordPress developer community AND abide by the terms and conditions of

    Plugin Author ScribeSEO


    For any additional questions, please contact us via our website at

    But you need an API key to use it, don’t you? And that costs money

    Please Correct me if I’m wrong, because I actually need this plugin, and I simply can’t afford “$17.00 a month” – I don’t even get that many donations in a year.

    he has no answer

    Yes, you need an API key to use the plugin and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Just like with Akismet, this plugin provides a valuable service that costs money to secure. If you can’t afford $17 / month, then you probably don’t need this plugin.

    Speaking as a disabled person with no disposable income, I agree with you. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with it. But in practice, it degrades wordpress and insults indivudals such as myself who may actually have a real-life need for the functionality this plugin offers.

    At least Akismet is free. With Srcibe Seo, you don’t even get to take it for a spin.

    1. Akismet is not free for commercial purposes
    2. Scribe is a plugin to help you rank higher in search engines – the only reason to do that is for a commercial purpose or for vanity

    I honestly see no reason why there should be an expectation for the Scribe SEO service to be free.

    People obviously feel very strongly against this sort of use of the official WordPress Repository. Can’t blame the guy for trying some fend off justified criticism (he is selling SEO and managing negative opinion is important since these pages are indexed).

    Maybe it is time for to shuffle these sorts of plugins off to a special, commercially focused area and keep the main area free for developers that enrich the open source community. That way, commercial prospects can be easily found and discerned from non-commercial ones.

    We’re not really talking about “commercial purposes” though. I mean, the developers of scribe seo aren’t offering a non-commercial version of the plugin. And even though it was released under a gpl licence, that doesn’t really mean anything because, one way or another, you have to pay out to use the plugin.

    That said, I’m cool with commercial plugins. But the WordPress Plugin Directory really isn’t the place for them any more than the WP theme directory is the place for commercial themes.

    About your second point, nickohrn, I run a non-profit journal about human rights abuses that don’t get covered by the press. In many cases, I’m one of the only English speakers in the world covering these situations, so having a high rank in search engines is pretty important. If people can’t find my site, then they aren’t going to know what’s happening. My interest in Scribe SEO, though, is more in the analysis it provides. It can help me improve my copy.

    But in practice, it degrades wordpress and insults indivudals such as myself who may actually have a real-life need for the functionality this plugin offers.

    How does charging for a product that fills a “real-life need” that “the functionality this plugin offers” degrade WordPress and insult you in any way? Do you feel insulted that Telsa Motors priced their first electric car at near $100k? I hope you don’t.

    People put time, money, expertise and passion into their creations and you have no right to dictate what they should do with it. It is their choice. The spirit of GPL is freedom. The code is all there for you or others to manipulate. The rights are there for you to do as you please.

    They have followed the repo guidelines. There is no reason to shit on them or any other plugin that attempts to benefit from the hard work put into creating something of value.

    Ahni – if you’re really in dire straights, I would recommend you contact the Scribe support team and explain your situation. Maybe they’ll help you out – they are really awesome guys.

    I’ve been using it for almost 18 months. I pay for the service (which I do not need wordpress to use) but I can use the plugin for free. Not so different than Salesforce for example, but much more different than say GravityForms which if I’m not mistaken, can’t be used without the plugin.

    all that said, I’d rather see a little more categorization of plugin types in the repository. Partly so that I can find the type of solution I’m looking for easier and partly so that threads don’t get stuck on a tangent due to ignorance and misunderstanding.

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