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  • Thanks, this is on my radar. To be honest, though, I’m thinking about stopping maintenance of Scissors.
    The functionality at its heart – image editing – has been integrated into the WordPress core based on a patch by me (which will also allow undo/redo, just to name one new feature). And the rest, like watermarking and on-demand image resampling, is something that I’m not even using on my own blog, it was added based purely on user-feedback.
    So, the incentive in going for WP2.9 compatibility for me personally is quite limited.

    Congrats on contributing that patch to WP2.9!
    Scissors was one of the cleanest plug-ins out there, it will be missed…

    BTW: do you have any idea if WP core media-editing will allow more control than just the rather basic “crop all / except thumbnail / only thumbnail”?
    what about users (like me) who needed Scissors because it allowed us to use completely different crops for each size, basically manually REIR-ing?

    the watermarking function is by far the best functional plugin available.

    I need watermarking 🙁

    I would go to 2.8.6 for that but I still hope that scissors will be upgraded

    I need watermarking as well 🙁

    Please do something , its a request.

    Stephan, I saw on your vimeo site where it sounded like you were not going to work on this anymore. Is there any chance you can modify your plugin to remove the editing pieces you put in WP directly and just offer the re-size control, zooming, and watermarking options. They seem to be very popular and used by a lot of people.

    Also the integrated crop function is not working as fine as Scissors. I really want Scissors instead of this included functionality in 2.9. Is it not possible to hide the WP edit button and show the Scissors buttons again?
    And what about resizing while uploading? I wrote a plugin once to resize at upload, but stopped developing because Scissors did the trick. Now in v2.9 I get the (sometimes extreme) large images again which I don’t want.

    For those people who rather use Scissors instead of the functionality of WordPress v2.9, I have changed the plugin into a working plugin inside v2.9. The altered plugin also hides the core functionality.

    You can find more information here:

    @huiz: Thanks a lot. It’s working on 2.9 now! 🙂

    @huiz: Nicely done!

    Thank you. I would recommend you submit your updated version to the WP Plugin repository.

    Does the altered plugin support watermarking images?



    Thanks !!!!!!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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