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  • Switching to debug mode in WP, I’ve found 2 deprecated function calls that are easy to update:

    1) line 50 in scissors.php:

    load_plugin_texdomain('scissors', $scissors_locale_dir);

    change to

    load_plugin_texdomain('scissors',false, $scissors_locale_dir);

    2) change all occurences of attribute_escape with esc_attr

    Now, no warnign at all.

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  • Another deprecated functions call (3 calls in the plugin file):
    Just subsitute “wp_shrink_dimensions” with “wp_constrain_dimensions”
    Function parametrs are the same.

    has it been fixed yet?

    Figured it out. Thx for the fix. I hope the authors add this officially because most newbs don’t read forum posts about problems :{

    After i did those changes in the scissors.php and saved, my website couldn’t be accessed.

    Specifically i couldn’t login and enter my wp-admin page !!

    Any ideas ?

    reverse to the original code and then make the fixes one by one. Probably you have one or more syntax errors. I can send to you my functioning patched version with the fixes above, if it can be useful.

    Yes i would appreciate that plz.

    Hm…. how do i private message you ?

    PS: to fix my site bug, i had to download the original scissors continued plugin, and copied the php file over the modified one in my site plugin folder. That fixed the issue.

    I’m just wondering why doing that could bust up the whole admin and login pages @_@:

    By the way do you reckon Scissors continued is compatible with ?

    I have both and scissor-continued installed and active on a WP site of mine, (online since April) and I’ve not noticed problems yet using those 2 plugins together.
    This morning I’ve updated smush-it and noticed a warning smushing an image from the media library (“Failed to create a temp dir…“).
    But changing line 27 and 28 of the php plugin file, with those below, solves the problem:

    define('SMUSHIT_REQ_URL', '');
    define('SMUSHIT_BASE_URL', '');

    Now I can smush images again.

    You can leave you email address in the form on my agency website (sorry, no english at all at the moment, but the form is quite simple); I will reply you via email.

    In the meahwhile you can download my patched version of scissor continued from here.

    Hi mad max,

    actually i too notice the (“Failed to create a temp dir…”) problem.

    however one time i, i get that. 10 minutes later, it smushed without issues.

    After smushing a dozen or 2 pictures, i get the error again. I had to wait another 20 minutes or so before i could smush again.

    Bulk smushing the new feature works, but after a dozen or so pictures, i also get that temp error message.

    Like Alex the author said, it is most likely to do with the yahoo service causing these errors, not the plugin.

    I’m not sure changing the code to your recommendation would be much of a difference. What exactly does it do ?

    By the way my website is

    I’ll send you a message :}

    PS: i notice your site is Italian or something ?

    I think maybe add in a translator plugin for a wider audience. Then again, if your only targeting for specific language speakers, then probably wouldn’t matter.

    I was looking at some translation plugins, but none seem that great. The best was gtranslate Pro but that cost a bomb @_@:

    I think the problem with smush-it is the availability of the service. Probably it has some up&down. The changes I suggested just use another yahoo url for posting image to smush and it seems to work well for now.

    Oh guess i’ll try that then, thx.

    Hi I get this when trying to install the plugin:

    load_plugin_textdomain was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.7 with no alternative available. in /home/srv/www/ on line 3468

    Any idea of how to fixed?

    I´ve use this plugin before and is really cool hope I can used in the future.

    @lonchbox: have you tried the solution in the first post at the top?

    1) line 50 in scissors.php:

    load_plugin_texdomain('scissors', $scissors_locale_dir);

    change to

    load_plugin_texdomain('scissors',false, $scissors_locale_dir);

    Hi @mad_max

    I make this change and get this message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function load_plugin_texdomain() in /home/srv/www/ on line 50

    I’m really sorry, I’ve made a typo (missing a ‘t’); this is the correct code:

    load_plugin_textdomain('scissors',false, $scissors_locale_dir);

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