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  • Resolved Gene53


    First, I would like to thank you for this plugin, I’ve been looking for a shoutbox which can work in a page and not only as a sidebar widget.

    I’m aware you’re still developing this plugin and what I’d like to see is a “purge” shouts older than x days to avoid DB bloat.

    I also saw the “experimental” refresh rate and was wondering what it was and if this adds on server load/bandwidth.


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  • Oops, just encountered a problem, my settings are:

    Registered users only: Yes
    Comments must be moderated: No
    Require e-mail: No

    And if I log in as a test user, I can type in a shout but it doesn’t show and all previous shouts disappear after clicking Submit.

    Never mind, it was a conflict with another plugin.

    Being that I’m using this on a page, could I modify it so the date and time are next to the username?

    Also, is there a way to insert a space between each shout? A previous shout is right above the next shout’s username and can be confusing to some members (could also be a <hr>)

    Plugin Author sebaxtian


    Hi Gene53 and thanks for using Schreikasten.

    [Question 1] Purge old shouts: It is a feature in my to-do list. Next release would come with it.

    [Question 2] The experimental refresh rate turns schreikasten into chatbox. It adds a lot of bandwidth when used as a heavy message forum. Still working on this issue cause a lot of people use it as a chat room.

    [Question 3] Which plugin makes the conflict?

    [Question 4] You can modify the layout of the message, but as SK is still in development I don’t suggest to change it (neither documented how to do this) because a modified layout would be outdated in the next release.

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will work on the purge system, and speed up the ‘personal layout’ system. The chat room issue with bandwidth is a work in progress.

    Hola sebaxtian, ┬┐como esta?

    1) Great, a purge is a must.

    2) Good idea, I also want to use it as a chat room.

    3) Mingle (social networking plugin)

    4) Makes sense.

    Also, is there a way to show the newest shouts first (top)?


    Plugin Author sebaxtian


    The only SK layout that shows the newest shouts at the end (bottom) is chatbox layout. Use any other layout.

    The refresh rate dosn’t require the layout ‘chatbox’ to operate as a chatbox.

    Thanks, I changed it to Blackboard, it’s the same as Twitter, FB, Google Buzz, etc.

    BTW, if you’d like to have someone to test Beta versions, don’t hesitate to ask, I’m a beta tester for quite a few plugin authors.

    Out of curiosity, where are you from?

    Found a small bug, most extended characters show (! @ # $ % ^ etc.) show except for the ampersand (&) which shows as %26

    Also, I think it would be a good idea to add an option to turn emails off when someone uses the “reply” to comments, this would probably decrease server load and php mail functions.

    Plugin Author sebaxtian


    beta testers are always welcome. Thanks.

    I’m from Colombia. And you?

    Great, I’d be happy to help out.

    I’m from Canada but I lived in Costa Rica for 3 years and in Boquete, Panama for 15 months.

    I found your site and now following you on Twitter (my ID is Chaotic Neurons) so once you follow me, I’ll send you my email address via DM.

    Found another small bug, the time shows twice in the shout’s timestamp:
    (Sep 11, 05:37 PM 5:37 pm)

    Plugin Author sebaxtian


    I’ll check the ‘&’ situation. Thanks for report it.

    About not send email on reply, I think the general setting to send or not email when a message comes is enough. The idea is to notify any user he hasa reply to a comment. SK was designed as a shoutbox, that’s why an email notification is important. But the admin can choose to not send the email.

    It’s possible you have time data inside your date format. Check it in the general configuration. I’ll figure a way to not use the ‘time format’ when the ‘date format’ has time data on it.

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