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    Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. The shortcode problem was fixed, you can update the plugin to the 1.0.1 version.

    What do you mean by “see more” is not extended? It does not fill width? (it should normally fit window height)

    Can you tell me more about the picture bug? I couldn’t reproduce it.

    – Does the image appear well in the media library (I assume yes)?
    – Does the image appear on the edit item screen after clicking the “choose image” button ?
    – Can you send the picture informations (file name or better url, title, alternate text, description, link url, alignment and size)?
    – Which browser do you use

    Thank you

    Hi there

    I am having a similar problem. I have installed the plugin and I am able to add text information of a product to the catalogue e.g. title, catchphrase and description. However when I try to upload an image it doesn’t work regardless of whether I upload a new image or try one from the media library. The message when you save says ‘Unable to save changes’.

    The image does appear in the media library.
    The image does appear in the edit screen.
    I am using Firefox 3.6.

    If you need me to explain further let me know.


    I’ve a similar problem.
    When I try to upload the image appears to do, but does not appear.
    Is there a recommended size?
    Tx 4u time 🙂

    Plugin Author scil


    I’m working on these problems. For Sally it seems there was a problem in the database. I submitted a patch that may correct the bug, you can test it in the development version.

    About the images not showing, can you send an url where I can see the result (for me to check the generated code)? I’ve checked several cases but all of them worked.

    Thanks for your support.

    Hi Scil, thanks for the reply. I am not sure what you mean by the development version. Please could you explain and I will test it.

    My website is

    Thank you :o)

    Hi – I just found the development version. I resintalled the plugin and it is still showing the same problem unfortunately. I cleared all cache and restarted browser to make sure.

    The image is being uploaded but placing the image into the catalog is not working. If you need me to provide more details ask me anything and I will oblige.

    Thanks again.

    Another piece of information is that when you click the ‘Choose Image’ button then select an image and return to the ‘Add catalog item’ screen the button still shows ‘Choose Image’.

    Plugin Author scil


    To luchosar about details not showing: you have javascript errors on your page from other scripts (carousel and fancybox) that prevent catalog initialization scripts to run.

    To sally: can you give me your image url (Link URL in the media library)?

    Hi Scil
    Looks like I forgot to add the link in. It was set to ‘none’. It is all working now. Thanks for your help. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Love the plugin Scil. Really great. It would be a benefit I think to have the Title and image linking through to the detail screen instead of the Read More link. It would be more user friendly and intuitive.

    Plugin Author scil


    I’m happy to see it working on your website 🙂

    Considering the initial bugs I consider this topic resolved, but a notice on how to include the picture would be nice (planned for the 1.0.2 with minor bug fixes).

    Please open new topics for other bugs or features requests.

    Thanks all for your contributions and suggestions.

    Hi I love the plug-in and it has solved a range of issues. My question is that the WordPress search function does not search the catalog, so If I have an item that is called Classical Music CD, and in the description it mentions Beethoven Brahms and Scubert it would be nice if the WPSearch would return the products in the results. Maybe there is some hack I don;t know about

    hi scil, i’m install your plugin SC Catalog but when you click on the link Read More, automatically throws me to the home page.

    p/s thickbox does not work, help 🙁

    I have the same problem, SC Catalog Plugin installed works well, but when you click on the link Read More, it takes you to the website home page website home page.

    Please help!!!

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