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  • Updated to the new version – everything seems OK but a few oddities……

    1) The pop-up tooltips for JPG quality indicate that auto-detection of JPG quality is ‘working’ on one tool tip and is ‘not working’ (so it will always use the fallback) in the other. Not sure which it is.

    2) Seeing many larger images actually be larger in WebP than their JPG counterpart. I -think- this could be because some of these larger images might have been saved at JPG 30 quality and I’m using 50 WebP quality, but the size is still much higher (eg. 430kb WebP from a 350k JPG) and obviously this SEEMS to indicate that auto-detection of JPG quality is not in fact working. Using Imagick.

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    Regarding the larger images, try checking the conversion log (which was added in 0.14.0). The log files are stored in wp-content/webp-express/log/conversions/path/to/your/image. That log file also reveals if quality:auto was working or not.

    To test if quality:auto is working, you can also click the “test” button next to imagick and check the conversion log, which appears to the right.

    I shall have a look at the tooltips…

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    It is the “Quality for lossy” that you can count on. The “Fallback” tooltip is currently printing the opposite! (0.14.4). I shall fix that in the next release!

    Btw: In 0.13 you could not select “Auto” quality if you did not have it working. You can now.

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    With Imagick up and running, quality detection ought to work – unless you are using an old version.
    So, I’m curious as to why you get that large webps. Can you please copy me the log of one of these conversions?

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    Oddly enough, I can’t. Despite all of these conversions taking place on the latest version (and I deleted the older converted files after the update), the plugin didn’t log any of the conversions on the website in question. There is no wp-content/webp-express/log/ folder at all.

    I checked other sites we run and couldn’t find any instances where the WebP was larger than the JPG. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help here.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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