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  • stevemagruder


    Recently I had to switch to a combination solution using Register Plus and Invisible Defender because I was running into several problems with Sabre. Note that I really like the concept of Sabre and would like to go back to using if the problems are fixed.

    The problems I was having (seemingly out of the blue) was that either users that were added by the admin or users registering themselves were unable to complete their registrations due to errors. Also, when using the white background for the captcha, the captcha became invisible.

    Please do some systematic testing of Sabre under WordPress 2.8.4 and fix all the problems that you find. I would love to go back. Thanks!

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  • dlo


    First of all, thank you for your feedback. It’s good to hear about what Sabre is doing well but more important to be aware of what it is doing wrong.
    I can insure you that Sabre is carefully tested before being released but there are so many configurations and cases among the Sabre’s users that it is impossible to guarantee a 100% bug free piece of software.

    As you are the first one with this kind of problem, can you give more informations about your configuration?
    – Browser name and version
    – PHP and mySQL versions
    – Did you try to deactivate all the plugins but Sabre and test if the problem was still there?
    Every kind of information will be useful to try to give you an accurate answer and to be able to fix Sabre if needed.

    Thank you for your cooperation.



    That’s the thing. If it was just one issue, I would be patient enough to go through and help out with this. However, when a plugin is exhibiting multiple problems, I have no choice but to look at alternatives. If I have time sometime in the future, I’ll create a bare-bones blog with sabre on it and see if the problems are still there and report each and every one.



    I am rather ignorant with respect to the implementation of software, etc., I prefer paying someone to do it. I just installed SABRE as I was getting quite a few “registrations” by what is most likely bots. I installed SABRE, and tested the registrations and confirmation process one time, it worked fine. It is a little difficult to see the CAPTCHA code, I had to zoom in quite a bit. I do not see an option to increase the size. Now time will tell. I have no idea how to find out:
    PHP and mySQL versions.



    You don’t want to spend more time on it and found a solution, better for you. But please, don’t suppose that the plugin is to blame without being sure of it.

    You’re right, there’s no option to incease the size of the captcha. It can help a bit to get a crisper image choosing the black background in the Captcha options.
    By the way… Thanks for using Sabre!



    dlo, I said if I have time in the future, I will test it out. That’s the best I can do.

    But I do know that Sabre was pooting the bed with various errors. Saw them with my own eyes.

    @stevemagruder at least give the guy something to work with by posting the errors, your getting back IF YOU HAVE TIME is a cop out. If people like dlo didn’t make the time to create these plugins then you wouldn’t have nothing to get errors (allegedly) with.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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