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  1. Hoib
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Using the SABRE plug in to guard against phony registration web-poo. I activate and set up and Log out. Register brings up the special SABRE log-in panel with Captcha or Math test - all looks fine. Enter a new "fake" user, email add and password/confirm to test. And I wind up with an "Error: Banned IP Address" (Red outlined box with pink background) at the top of the special SABRE log-in box which still contains the dummy data I'm testing with. Cleared IE cache, refreshed and retry. Error: Banned IP Address...

    What possible reason could there be for a Banned IP Address on this thing? I haven't knowingly banned any IPs - the site is actually hosted in another city on a pro server. Already registered users are logging in and out just fine.

    Sure would like some help with this, please?


  2. Hoib
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Thanks to Didier for pointing out that my IP Address is on a Banned range at SpamHaus.org. So, I ran the removal at SpamHaus and now it all is working great.

    Issue is resolved.


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