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    Recently i install Sabre plugin, in the purpose to add moderated registration.
    so i set (as super admin) in the plugin that new user cant enter before they confirmed their subscription. then i logged out
    when i try to login again all my previous (already) registered user is blocked, including my super admin account
    the warning message is: “ERROR: Invalid registration status.”
    how can i enable my super admin account again?
    i try to locate the information in the database but cannot figure out what to change…
    Please.. i really need this… my multi blog is already running smoothly before, cant afford of reinstallation

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  • Problem solved…. Hooraayyy!!!
    i hack it into sabre_class.php

    First of all, as stated in another message, the current version of Sabre is not supposed to work with the multisite mode of WordPress 3.0. And additionally, there is a bug in a core function of WordPress 3.0 that cause the problem you are facing when you activate Sabre in a multisite environment.
    This issue is solved by installing WordPress 3.0.1. No need to hack Sabre…
    And finally, I’m currently working on the multisite version of Sabre and will release it soon.

    Hope it helps and thank you for using Sabre.

    Best regards,

    I am having this problem with SABER and WP for my user account, but not the admin account. Using WP 3.0.4 and SABER 1.1.2. What is the fix? What did you “hack” in saber_class.php?

    Nevermind. After looking thru the saber_class.php file I saw the section about “Register manually all existing users” so I went digging around in the settings for SABER and found the check box to add all existing users. Wish this feature was a little more prominent. Anyways problem fixed finally.

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