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  • Plugin Author Anthony Mills


    No sorry mate as yet there is no thumbnail functionality given its mentioned in another thread, its obviously a wanted feature. I am going to try and add support in for the release after next (The next release is in Github already I just havent pushed here yet).

    in ver .96, the Create / Edit Meta Data on the S3 Video page of the pluggin (Existing s3 Videos) allows an image to be related to video.

    @ jaykiskel I’ve tried this feature but I’m not sure how it is supposed to work. From the instructions, it sounds like the image uploaded will be used as the preview image in the player. So it doesn’t show just a black rectangle with a play button.

    However, I’ve uploaded a image and it seems to have been successful (i see it in my S3 bucket), but the player is still just a black rectangle, no preview image. I’m using a shortcode in my content on a post. Am I misunderstanding how this should work?

    I think what the original poster was mentioning is something different.

    Plugin Author Anthony Mills


    Hi grizgza,
    How did you get the image into your S3? Basically the workflow as its meant to work is you go into the “existing videos” section and on the far right of the video you would like to add a thumnail for and you will see a link labelled “manage video metadata”. Click this and it will display a form for uploading a thumbnail or delete one if one already exists. It’s probably not the most inuiative way about things for users so i will try and clear this up in future releases.

    Is this how you added the image? If so looking at a post with that video should now show you image as a still before the video is played.

    Yes, that is exactly how I uploaded the thumbnail. But no preview shows up in the video player. I tried this several times and cleared my WP Super cache, but no luck…

    Any ideas? I’ll poke around a little more and see if I can figure something out.

    Plugin Author Anthony Mills


    Okay well i suppose on the upside the work flow isn’t too confusing then 🙂 I gave it a quick go on a test install with a .png 1017 x 833 in size and a 600 x 400 jpg which both worked fine. Anychance you can tell me the dimensions and type of image you are trying to upload? If so i will try and replicate your issue as close as i can, maybe flowplayer cannot scale images of certain dimensions or just refuses to deal with certain types of image files 🙁

    I tried jpg’s and png’s of varying sizes/ratios with no success. I poked around and realized some things.

    1. I’m using VideoJS, not flowplayer. Does the video metadata (preview image) only work for Flowplayer?
    2. I tried some other videos and they automatically load a frame from the video to use as a preview. This is fine and preferred over manually uploading one. But for whatever reason the particular video in question does not.

    I think it may be something in particular to the video. All my videos are mp4’s but they may have been encoded in different ways. I’ll probably need to get on the VideoJS forums to troubleshoot, because I doubt this has anything to do with your plugin.

    Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author Anthony Mills


    Thanks for the info, you are correct thumbnails only work with flowplayer. As the image is treated as a media file and it basically creates a two item playlist. Playlists at the moment are only supported in the plugin under flowplayer, sorry i didn’t ask this not many people use it.

    Either player will normally just load a frame for the video to use as a splash page regardless of the play used. I am not sure i can offer much input on the issue with the video though.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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