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  • I own a website called . I opted to use some of themes to use on my website.

    After browsing the website I found the s2Member plugin for WordPress. This is a fantastic plugin and very flexible in execution. You can literally handle any form of membership plan. For example I offer two membership plans: One running on a non-reoccurring monthly basis and the other on a reoccurring annual basis.

    Once you install the plugin a very professionally laid out area to control the plugin is installed on the WordPress Admin End. I am a bit of a noob to setting the plugin to correct specifications. As this is the income source of the website I opted to get a professional install by Jason (the lead developer at Websharks ( and

    I am not a first time website owner (had at least 15 others) so I am used to service delivery from coders that is often subpar in that they do not complete the task to completion, ignore irritating bugs and ask for more money if they cannot get the code to work. This has given me plenty of grey hair in the past.

    Jason is the complete opposite. I paid my money for a professional instillation of the s2member plugin. He said he would begin working 2 days later. After 2 days the site was fully operational to handle PayPal transaction with a very professional flow. The user is kept informed on the stage and flow of the transaction from beginning to end. This is very important for every ecommerce site.

    During the process Jason gave me feedback and kept me informed on his busy schedule and how he would be working my tasks into his schedule. The service has been very professional, friendly and he actually kept to his time frames. What a pleasure to work with Jason.

    So much so that I commissioned him for a Facebook application to integrate my website with the Facebook profile feeds. It is called the Facebook Brag Application. He sent through a very reasonable quote for the work. I did not even give it a second though and paid the cash. The next day he gave me the time frame and when and how he will be working and delivery times.

    He hit a bug and promptly informed me of the delay, communication is key to the excellent working relationship. I felt happy that something was being done and did not mind the slight delay in delivery. With previous experience with other companies you literally have to beg to get things done, not with Websharks, these guys are the best.

    Jason allowed me to test all his work. Everything was coded by him from scratch. The code is clean, easy to follow and well commented. The code executes rapidly without over querying the database. Noobs to the industry must watch out as sometimes you pay for coders to cut and paste and patch up a code sequence without the coder actually doing much work. Jason’s work ethic and skill is far too professional, I suggest you make use of Websharks for your next php project.

    To sum up working with Jason and Websharks:
    Very competitively priced, whatever they quote, pay it and know that you will get more than you asked for. All original code too.
    They communicate very well with you through the project.
    Allow you to test the work and give them bug fixes; Jason fixes them in a fast timeframe. No begging to get the work complete.
    Very professional elegant coding style.
    Can work with Facebook too to create applications that actually work.

    Don’t think twice, hire these guys for your next project and be amazed like I was.

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