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  • PayPal currently only supports subscriptions for users who have a PayPal account (or it creates one for them.)

    However, it also supports one-time payments for non-PayPal customers who just want to use a credit card and don’t want a PayPal account.

    I would like to have two buttons on my subscription-based site: One for a continuing subscription, and one for a one-time payment for a one-year subscription for those who are more comfortable just using a credit card.

    I’ve already installed the s2Member side for the subscriptions, created the button, etc. I’ve also explored PayPal’s site and used their tools to create a “buy now”-style button for a one-time payment.

    So here’s the question: How can I get the payment notification from the “buy now” button to hook up to s2Member and register that user’s one-year subscription?

    I’m perfectly comfortable writing and editing scripts, so a super-techie answer would be just fine. I just figured someone out there might have some quick hints that would save me a ton of digging through code.

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  • Grab the latest version here:

    You can use the PayPal Button Generator to create a Buy Now button for a Lifetime subscription. So this is already integrated into s2Member, you just need to create a Button for it, using s2Member’s Button Generator.

    Go to:
    s2Member -> PayPal Buttons -> Level 1

    Lifetime / Non-Recurring / Buy Now
    It’s the last option in the drop down menu.

    Regarding one-year access.
    s2Member expiration is driven by the PayPal subscription service. If you’re not going to tie a membership to a “subscription” at PayPal, then the account will always be granted lifetime access. This is because s2Member would never receive an EOT ( End Of Term ) notice from the PayPal subscription service. Not when a Buy Now button is used.

    You can simulate this EOT, by writing a custom script that goes into your database, looks up members at a certain Level, checks their original registration date, and then deletes their account after one year.

    We are working on a more automated solution, just for this particular scenario, in a future release of s2Member. Until then, a custom script should work nicely.

    Jason Caldwell
    WebSharks, Inc.

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