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  • I like the concept of this membership plug-in – KISS – it’s simple to understand and use.

    However, with the their version 2.8.5 there are a few bugs which I’ve attempted to alert their website but I get no response:

    1) Download links are very clever but no matter what you do you get a 404 error – it can’t find your files in the folder they recommend you place them in.

    2) Can’t get to the member’s Dashboard, no matter what switches I click. This is very dangerous since the new member can’t change the random password assigned when they signed up.

    If these are fixed I can use this, until then I can’t use the plug-in.

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  • Hi Perry. If you’re getting a 404 error, it’s because your s2Member download links are constructed incorrectly, or because the s2member-files/ directory is in the wrong location.

    Please follow this procedure. * s2Member automatically creates the /s2member-files/ directory for you. But if your server permissions will not allow it to do so, you’ll need to create it manually. Either way, s2Member will keep you informed about this through friendly alerts in your Dashboard.

    Your /s2member-files/ directory should be located here:

    Then, you should upload protected “Members Only” files to that directory:

    Next, you should create a link on your website, pointing to this protected file, in a special way:

    s2member_file_download = location of the file, relative to the /s2member-files/ directory. In other words, just the file name.

    If your installation of WordPress is not installed at the root of your domain, but instead, it’s installed in a sub-folder. You might have to do something like this: ( point your URL to the WordPress root directory )

    Hi, thanks for the help.

    I got the download going (my fault) so thank you so much.

    The counter gets stuck at 1 or 2 and I set the parameters to be able to download 3 in 1 day – it now downloads an infinite number.

    Now the only problem is s2Member interfering with a member getting to their dashboard and the ability to change their assigned random password to something else – still have that problem.

    Once that’s taken care of I can bring up a live site – can’t wait.


    Hi there

    My problem is that I (as Admin), or any of my members can’t view any of the protected categories – we just keep getting redirected to the Member Sign-up page.

    Any ideas?

    All help appreciated.

    Running latest version of WordPress and S2Member

    Update: I reset the server and started anew with everything.

    All is working fine now.

    Thanks for the plugin.

    Great to hear that. Thanks for reporting back!

    Please help and thanks in advance

    I have installed s2member plugin and i have rquirement like as goes
    I want two user type one is user which is default subscriber and free and
    other user type is publishers which must be s2member_level1 and also free

    so for subscriber the url run as
    and for s2member_level1 some page runs and in this i called a template for my custome coding in which we

    can put the code for the registering member.
    url goes for it as
    through this code viewer goes to paypal BUT i dont want like this I want that if a customer comes in

    this link, then a simple registration form open with customised fields that i set in setting for

    s2member_level1 and registered in database as s2member_level1 user.

    Is this possible and if possible than please help via code

    If somebody understand what i want to say then please help

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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