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[Plugin: Runners Log] Weather integration

  • From frold, original thread

    Regarding weather:
    I thought about a integration of the Weather Posting Plugin found herE: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/weather-postin/ This way weather data is automaticly inserted in a new post 😉

    The problem is I wasnt able to get it to work for eg. Denmark, where I live. I should have weather data for all countries – but I wasnt able to fix it :S

    This blog is using it when there is posted in the Categori: Runners Log: http://wannaberunner.com/ See the end of every post where you find data like:

    Weather conditions during run:

    * Temperature: 76°F;
    * Humidity: 87%;
    * Heat Index: 75°F;
    * Wind Chill: 76°F;
    * Pressure: 30.04 in.;

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  • ok, after my first exam in about two hours I will give it a try to set it up, I will post progress here 😉

    Cheers Eyeless

    Cool – looking forward to that…

    As I remember there are some issues regarding that plug.

    First it use a rss path like this:
    $url = 'http://www.rssweather.com/zipcode/' . $zip_code . '/rss.php';

    $zip_code doesnt support danish zip-codes.

    and eg the path to the weather for Odense, Denmark, where I live is:

    But eg. you are able to snip the data from a path file like this

    Second there is a database issue
    The plugin stores that weather data in its own database table post_weather and dont think taht is the best way to store data.

    What do you think?

    ok, I set up an xampp enviroment for testing…quite funny, regarding to permission problems it took me three hours till wordpress was up and running.

    With the weather plugin I have the same problem here, there is no way to retrieve my data. I tried some other plugins but outside the US it seems to be quite a problem.

    I’ll give some of them a try this weekend….unfortunatelly I still have to do some preparations for my exams 🙁

    Cheers Eyeless

    Exams have first priority 😀

    This is just for fun – your study is your future…

    But Im very glad you want to give something back to this plugin…

    Sure it is and that are my prioritys, but some of my free time left can be spent here 😉 … since I need and use this running log 😉

    Looks to be a bit nasty, since mostz plugins are outated or just for the use in the US. What do you think about using the Google Weather API ?
    see: http://www.freecomputeradvice.net/2009/08/google-weather-api.html

    Cheers Eyeless

    I didnt know they had one 😀

    I guess: if its google it will not be outdated soon 🙂

    Could be a very good alternative and easy to use:

    This city was easy to find:

    http://www.google.com/ig/api?weather=odense 🙂

    Then you could mix it with the setting: meters versus english

    if meters then celcius else you have fahrenheit

    Great link API found 😀

    Then you could mix it with the setting: meters versus english

    if meters then celcius else you have fahrenheit

    That’s a cool idea, I’ll have a look at it this afternoon and start trying to integrate it!

    Cheers Eyeless

    Im looking forward to see if you’re able to fix it 😀

    ok, right now I am getting all information from Google I need, currently checking the WP Plugin API and the official Writing a Plugin Site to get in touch with integrating it correctly.
    Since I am most time learning for my exams I think first usable version will be up at friday 😉

    Currently I am not sure wheter it is good to uses miles if a City is choosen in a country where miles are a standard way of measuring disatnces. Since I am also running in other towns this would mean if I take part at a running competition in GB the DB mixes my km and miles run (not sooo got 😉 ). But I will think about a solution for this 😉

    Cheers Eyeless

    btw: do we want pictures showing the weather or just data?

    I dont think the place should decide if its fahrenheit or celcius – it should be the user.

    If the user choose english – inches and pound – Im pretty sure the user also want it to be in fahrenheit…..

    Picture or not a picture – maybe there could be a to new fields in runners log admin

    -Show text
    -Show image

    Then the user coulde chooser if he/she want one of it or both…

    What do you think?

    If the user choose english – inches and pound – Im pretty sure the user also want it to be in fahrenheit…..

    ok, now I got, think thats no problem, maybe implement this as the default setting but I would nevertheless provide an option in the menu for changing it.

    Then the user coulde chooser if he/she want one of it or both…

    Yes sound good, but at first I am going to bring text mode up and running 😉

    Cheers Eyeless

    There is a new version for testing 😉

    What do you think – so far?

    oops should have been in the gear-post – please reply in that one 🙂

    did it 😉

    I have encountered a little problem here corresponding the Google API. Since the API is not official I think we should not use it (see this google posting ). But I found another API providing nearly the same data at yahoo . The Yahoo API is for free but we have to tell while using it from whom we got the weather data (I am currently thinking of a way to integrate some notation for that, maybe it is possible to add some information about yahoo in the footer of a blog using the plugin with weather data)

    What do you think about it ?

    Cheers Eyeless

    It’s up to you.

    I think the google API seems more straightforward to use.

    But if you’re able to solve it with the yeahoo then feel free 😀

    Regarding adding content to the footer I think you can use:


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