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  • Hello,

    I noticed this odd behavior:

    If I have an Excel guest list, and an Attendee has two or more comma-separated Additional Attendees, there seems to be an import bug.

    Entries are created for the Additional Attendees (which is great!) and the original “master” Attendee lists all Additional Attendees. But the entries for the Additional Attendees are only associated with the one “master” Attendee.

    For example, given:

    John | Smit | Jane Smith,Joe Smith

    After import, I have:
    Jane Smith -> John Smith
    Joe Smith -> John Smith
    John Smith -> Jane Smith, Joe Smith

    It seems to me like the ideal behavior would be for everyone in the party to be associated with each other.

    An example file to reproduce the problem is here:

    Also notice that it claims “0 total records were imported” which is obviously wrong, but minor.

    Thanks, this plugin is amazing!

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  • I’m trying to wrap my head around this too.

    I think the only way to achieve “everyone in the party to be associated with each other” would be to manually enter:

    John | Smith | Jane Smith,Joe Smith
    Jane | Smith | John Smith,Joe Smith
    Joe | Smith | John Smith,Jane Smith

    The problem I face with either scenario is… say Joe in this example is a kid. I’m not sure I want a kid/teen with the ability to handle the RSVP for the parents.

    I would have liked to see head of family associated with wife, kids and either husband or wife could go in and RSVP for everyone but the kids could not, or at maximum, RSVP for themselves.

    Edit: I guess the good news is, so long as the parent has RSVPd, if the kid selects “no” for the parent, the “yes” answer remains.

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