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  • So, I can’t but say how annoyed I am at how RSS feed plugins don’t offer the ability to sort by date in ascending and descending order. I want to display a feed which holds information of events. I haven’t found an RSS feed plugin which allows me to display that feed in ascending order.

    After reviewing the code for RSS Just Better, I learned that by switching a “false” to “true”, I’ll get what I need. See the code below.

    $sort = isset( $instance[‘sort’] ) ? $instance[‘sort’] : false;

    If only the RSS Just Better plugin offered this as a standard option and as another option, to display an RSS icon next to the name of the widget. That would be awesome!

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  • For some reason, this change stopped working for me. =<

    This was working for a few days now but suddenly, the list reverted back to the furthest event to the most recent.

    I reviewed the code again and stumbled across another “fix”. Instead of making the code change above, I changed the code from “asort” to “arsort” and told the list to sort by Title instead of Date. I have no clue why this works but it does. Perhaps the feed’s Title is mistakenly be viewed as the Date? No idea.

    if (filter_var($sort, FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN)) arsort($rss_items);

    Does anyone know why this change works and not the previous code edit?

    Please stefsoton, offer the ability to sort by date.

    Forget that. It turns out that although it appeared to be working, when I increased the number of items from 5 to 10, the sorting was completely off. It wasn’t sorted by date or title or anything really. It showed like Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

    I give up. Every time I think I’ve got it, it’s wrong.

    Plugin Author Stef


    I will look into this in my next release of this plugin which should be released soon. Do you mean you want to be able to order by ascending and descending datetime? Descending datetime should already be the standard order but – as a few users have already told me – it does not always work like this.


    Yes, I’d like a sort option for both ascending and descending order by the date and time.

    We use a calendar to display upcoming events. The product vendor provides us their own customized RSS Widget (written in javascript) and the ability to export our own RSS feed as “xml”.

    If I was to type the RSS feed into a web browser, the list would appear in ascending order by date and time; Monday – Friday. When I place the xml URL into RSS Just Better, with the default settings, it reverses the order.

    Even worse, events occurring today aren’t even at the bottom of the list. The bottom of the list begins with the next day or the next day an event will occur.

    If you’d like to see what I mean, please provide me with your e-mail. I’ll send you a link to the xml file so that you can see for yourself.


    Plugin Author Stef


    I do believe to what you say dukejames but please send the feed URL to stefonthenet AT gmail DOT com so i can use it as a test feed for next version.


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