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    You can see if it’s processing from the RSS Feed Checker page under the links menu, it will tell you if it has a backlog of pages to check.

    The feed checker uses WordPress’s own internal “pseudo” CRON, this means that it relies on visit to the site to kick of the activities. It will check links every 30 minutes.

    You might get a backlog if:

    1. There are no users visiting your site
    2. The load usage on your machine is high and the load limit setting is low (this is intentional)
    3. You have a large number of RSS feeds
    4. Many of your feeds are slow or missing

    If you have feeds that update frequently you might want to change the recheck frequency setting to a lower value.

    Thanks for the response, actually the script does run every time the page loads but the only change I notice is that it calculates the time since the last RSS feed stored when I saved the link.
    The problem is that when the RSS has an update I have to manually hit the “Refresh” or “Process Link” buttons to get the lastest article of the RSS feed.
    Also in the RSS Feed Checker screen, the Link Stats and Schedule sections don’t show any info. And when I hit the “Refresh” button, nothing happens. I’m using the default settings.
    Here’s the screen capture as I see it on my site:
    Thanks for the help 🙂

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    Looks like you’ve got more that one problem there.

    The data in that screen is populated with javascript, it would appear that that is not running. Most likely there is a clash with another plugin although it’s a little strange that the buttons work correctly on the link page and not on that page.

    You might try using something like Firebug to see if there are errors occuring.

    I’m not a developer so I don’t think Firebug would help me :-S
    I think the whole issue could server related, anyway I contacted my hosting provider just in case and they said Java Script is fully supported. Is there any other way I can check this script? a Java version or Java server configs? What hosting provider do you know where this script works?
    Thanks for the help 🙂

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    It could be server related but more likely it’s your theme and/or another plugin that is causing the problem.

    Try disabling all of the other plugins and see if the RSS Feed Checker screen starts working.

    I verified with my hosting provider and they said their servers do not support JQuery.
    Could that possibly be the issue? Let me know.

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    Yes, the plugin does need JQuery for the server side controls to work but I think you will find that lots of WordPress functionality utilises JQuery.

    I tested the script on another hosting that claims to support JQuery but the script didn’t work there either. I used the script on a fresh WordPress 3.4.1 installation with the Twenty Ten default theme. Also the RSS Feed Checker is the only Plug-in installed and working.
    Any ideas abut were to look for a solution to make the script works?
    Thanks in advance.

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    If it does not work on a simple install for you then it’s likely your browser or connect that’s the problem.

    I’ve seen issues when a proxy server has been used and a couple of users reported issues with IE and Safari that should now be fixed.

    So far I’ve tested it on Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari (on Windows and Mac OS) and I got the same results. This is weird.
    This script makes an outgoing connection to some source outside the site? I Just want to try out something.

    I have been testing the script with firebug and I see the script is getting a “500 Internal Server Error” every time I run the script:

    I leave her the Firebug error screen so any one can check it out:


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    That means that the problem is server side.

    You could try turning on the WordPress to log errors and see if that indicates where the problem is.

    I have the exact same Problem and I get the following Error in my log:

    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function microtime_float() in [...]/wp-content/plugins/rssfeedchecker/RSSFeedCheckerUI.php on line 159, referer: [...]/wp-admin/link-manager.php?page=RSSFeedChecker

    I now changed the 2 occurances of
    in RSSFeedCheckerUI.php to
    and now i get no errors anymore.

    I also changed 3 more occrances in RSSFeedCheckerProcessor.php.

    What should that microtime_float(true) be anyway? gives this code:

    * Simple function to replicate PHP 5 behaviour
    function microtime_float()
    list($usec, $sec) = explode(” “, microtime());
    return ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);

    $time_start = microtime_float();

    // Sleep for a while

    $time_end = microtime_float();
    $time = $time_end – $time_start;

    echo “Did nothing in $time seconds\n”;

    So this is due to using php5?

    Something is wrong wih the plugin !

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    Thanks rotwp, yes the function was missing. I’ve fixed this in version 0.8

    thanks for the fast fix!

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