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  • The plugin actually works, but it has two serious flaws that unfortunately ruins it for me:

    1. When the plugin refreshes an activity feed on any other page than the main Activity page it actually changes the entire feed into the main activity feed. So if i’m on the “Activity” tab on one of my members’ profile and the refresh happens, his/her entire personal activity feed changes into the main activity feed for the entire community. This is obviously unacceptable and hopefully a compatibility issue with any of the latest three releases of BP (1.5.2, 1.5.3 or 1.5.4) rather than an actual intended feature.

    2. When the refresh happens it takes any reply being written to any update in the activity feed with it and you have to start over. This can and will most likely irritate members sooner or later.

    Please don’t abandon this plugin! It’s the only one of its kind that actually works and it only needs a little adjustment to be perfect!

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