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[Resolved] [Plugin: RPS Image Gallery] No link to attachment/target_blank

  • Road Crew


    Hi there,

    Thank you for this great plug-in, it’s really what I was looking for, but I wonder if theres a solution for these two questions:

    I’m testing RPS Gallery here: http://www.roadcrew.com.pt/galeria-endorsers-guitarra/

    – If I don’t specify a URL for a certain image in a gallery, it points to the attachment. Is there a way it doesn’t link to anywhere? (You can see this on the first image on the upper left)

    – In images with URL on a gallery, is it possible to make the target blank, so it opens on another window?

    I know a bit of webdesign, but please don’t assume to much.

    Thank you!


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  • Plugin Author redpixelstudios


    We are glad that you have found RPS Image Gallery useful.

    If you want to disable the link for images without a Gallery Link URL specified, just set the “link” attribute in the shortcode to “none”, like so (note that you must also set “slideshow” to “false”):

    [gallery slideshow=false link=none]

    As for the target setting, we just released an update today (version 1.2.6) which allows you to specify a target attribute for each image by choosing _self (default), _blank, _top or _parent from a menu.

    Hope that this helps in your site development efforts. Thanks for using RPS Image Gallery and let us know if you run into further issues.

    Road Crew


    Hi, thank you for the support.

    The shortcode “none” worked just fine.

    Downloaded the update and the new target feature is just what I need.

    But something happened with the caption text.

    With the updated original plugin CSS, if the caption text has more than one line, they would “collapse” into just one line.

    I edited

    .rps-image-gallery ul {
    list-style-type: none;
    font-size: 0 !important;


    .rps-image-gallery ul {
    list-style-type: none;
    font-size: small !important;

    And now its working with multiple lines, but the spacing between the image and the caption is a little to much and I’m not able to change it. Is there a way do do it?

    Galeria Endorsers Guitarra

    Sorry for my “noobiness”!

    Plugin Author redpixelstudios


    We have looked at the CSS and determined that the theme you are using seems to have a default style for the ul element that is causing the issue. No worries though because it can be overridden. The conflicting attribute/value is “line-height: 150%” in the file named “style.css” for the theme.

    ul, ol{
         margin: .4em 0 1em;
         line-height: 150%;

    All you would need to do is revert the CSS modification to the RPS Image Gallery style that you made earlier and add an override for the caption style like so:

    .rps-image-gallery .wp-caption-text.gallery-caption {
         display: block;
         margin: 0 5% 10% !important;
         width: 90% !important;
         font-size: small;
         line-height: 14px;

    The only line that is added in the CSS is “line-height: 14px;”. This overrides the theme’s default value for line-height. Of course you can change the pixel value of the line height to suit your taste. We hope that this works for you.

    Road Crew


    Thank you so much!

    It worked for me! Great support!

    Plugin Author redpixelstudios


    That is excellent news and you are quite welcome!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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