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  • Hello,

    Thank you so much for this very easy and great plug in!!

    I have a couple formating and styling questions that I think might be answered reasonably quick.

    1. I am this plug in to simply display the content of a quote, with its title as a permalink…this works great, but I want to completely get rid of the “navigation” functions. I m not sure if this will disrupt the JS?
    – Can you please help me to remove the numbers, and the navigation butons. Thanks!!

    2. Could you also help me to see were the content is being pulled. I would like to make the title come AFTER the rp_content value.

    Thank you very much!!

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  • 1. You could use custom css for all the related ID/classes that you want to be removed with display:none, I think just this might do it (untested):

        display: none;

    2. In rotating-posts.php, move the if statement block if ($rp_display_title) to below the block with $postContent or wherever you want it. But note if there is a new version released, it will blast over any changes you make to source.

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