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  • Plugin Author ed4becky


    Want to manage a Family Tree online? Create a map of your ancestors using WordPress? Announcing a new plugin, rootsPersona.

    rootsPersona is plugin I wrote to manage and present Genealogy data for a family website run on WordPress. I looked at several options already out there, within WordPress and without, and found nothing to my liking, so I developed this plugin, and found myself very happy with the results. I hope you do too.

    rootsPersona creates one or more pages of family history using data imported from a GEDCOM file (version 5.5).

    Check it out at

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  • Plugin Author ed4becky


    AAAAAND….my apologies to those who tried version 1.0.2

    The issue with personUtility not found should be fixed. I didn’t realize that wordpress would put the plugin in a non case sensitive directory structure.

    Also a caveat: this plugin requires PHP 5.3 as it makes use of namespaces.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. (If it makes you feel any better, I now have to wait for my hosting service to upgrade my PHP version too – I did all my testing on my personal PC)

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    OK, version 1.0.3 now removes the dependence on PHP 5.3.

    The updated rootsPersona plugin has an error

    Warning: Unexpected character in input: ‘\’ (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/gmcbber0/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/rootspersona/php/Genealogy/Gedcom/Exceptions/FileException.php on line 27

    Warning: Unexpected character in input: ‘\’ (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/gmcbber0/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/rootspersona/php/Genealogy/Gedcom/Exceptions/InvalidFieldException.php on line 27

    removing the \ character from line 27 of each function appears to work for both php 5.2 and php 5.3

    Regards, Chris

    Do you plan to provide a GEDCOM export capability. This would be useful if one updates records using your plugin but then want to export GEDCOM to produce full family tree charts using another program

    Regards, Chris

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    Thanks for the updates Chris. I had to make loast minute chnages to that code for 5.2, which doesn’t support overriding Exceptions, and I gues sthat fell thru the cracks. I’ll take a look.

    Yes, if enough people want to use the plugin as a ‘system of record’, that is, maintain the data through wordpress, I will definitely add GEDCOM export. I may do that anyway to allow the site owner to allow visitors to export pages as GEDCOM.

    As soon as I address a problem with losing the data on upgrade, I will add this to a requested features list.

    What do you think would be most important, export site, export page, export X generations with selected person as root?

    Installed your plugin on my local site Ed. I’ve been struggling to set up an easy to use, good appearance family tree on my site for sometime and ended up jamming in a de-featured phpgedview, poorly integrated. Your plugin fits what I need very well. I encountered the 0 HEAD problem from Roots Magic data and voided the check in your code since I couldn’t find the data error. Also, since I was dull enough to import all 1500 individuals, I had to override php timeouts. It did work. I’m not clear how to link a picture to an individual though or what file it should be in.
    New features: integrate with a dynamic map (I might try to do this with OpenLayers which is my current focus).
    portraits instead of silhouttes
    sort names for easy locating
    etc etc

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    Roots MAgic (what I use) adds a couple of control characters to the beginning of the file. I usually just delete them, and all is well.

    if you have any suggestions on how to get around the timeout issue, I’m open.

    Linking a picture is a little, um immature. You have to upload, then cut and paste the url from the media library into the edit person screen.

    I have an upgrade coming that will change where the data is stored from wp-content/plugins/rootspersona/rootsdata to wp-content/rootsdata so you don’t lose it when you upgrade. Unfortunate mistake putting it under rootspersona/roostData; I didn’t realize the whole rootspersona directory got deleted on upgrade.

    BEFORE UPGRADING BEYODN 1.0.3 be sure to backup rootsData, then copy it back into wp-content/rootsData after the upgrade.

    I am currently working on a name index shortcode that will present a sorted index of names and links.

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    OK version 1.0.4 the issues discussed above, including correcting a problem with displaying images.

    PLEASE read the warning about upgrading from a version prior to 1.0.4 if you care about saving your existing data.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. Hopefully the changes made here will make it easier to upgrade WITHOUT impacting current data in the future.

    I like your PlugIn.

    But when I activate trhe PligIn I get this ErrorMessage from wP 3.0
    Warning: require_once(/www/htdocs/fleisclm/wp/wp-content/plugins/rootspersona/php/personUtility.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/fleisclm/wp/wp-content/plugins/rootsPersona/rootsPersona.php on line 30 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/www/htdocs/fleisclm/wp/wp-content/plugins/rootspersona/php/personUtility.php’ (include_path=’.:’) in /www/htdocs/fleisclm/wp/wp-content/plugins/rootsPersona/rootsPersona.php on line 30

    Could you help me

    great from Germany


    Plugin Author ed4becky


    @meatmanfamily, it sounds like the plugin didn’t install properly. Can you see what’s in wp-content/plugins/rootspersona/php? should be 3 files and a directory there, including personUtility.php.

    I just verified that the download includes that file, so its not missing.

    I’m on 3.0.4, so I don’t think its a version thing.

    Thjanks for the answer
    I have all new installed

    wp 304 and rp 104

    I try to upload a gedcom file

    There comes a text message

    All available files have been added.

    The Gedcom File is a sample file

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    I cant find any from my gedcom data on my server
    could you help me ?
    regards from Germany

    Plugin Author ed4becky


    I will run a test with this file tonight.

    >>All available files have been added.<<

    Indicates you are reloading a file and no NEW people were added, or that no XML files got generated in rootsPersonaData.

    I’ll see what happens when I try to do it.

    Does wp-content/rootsPersonaData exist? It should have gotten created when the plugin was activated. If it exist, is it writable?

    hello ed

    the wp-content/rootsPersonaData exist and is writable, but the Folder is empty

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your help

    regards from Germany


    Plugin Author ed4becky


    @meatmanfamily they removed the filecontents, so I can’t test it.

    Email it to me at ed at ed4becky dot org

    Thank you *SO* much for creating this plugin. It is exactly what I have been looking for for years. A simple, fast way to add genealogy data to WordPress. Thank you again for this!

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