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  • Hello chubby,

    i could not reach the original author, so i created a fork of this plugin here and fixed the issues i had with it:

    There is an issue tracker too.

    Maybe i can help you. In case you did not figure it out yourself yet…




    Thanks wpshoff. What changes did you make to the code?

    There have been a few wrong links with & and api key is not needed anymore. So i removed the usage of it.

    You can find the exact changes in the source history on bitbucket.

    As far as i understood, you changed the address in a post and the map in the post didn’t adapt. I tried to reproduce it with the version i have, but it works, it changes.

    So good news :)?

    What would i do exactly with this fork? I am confused.

    Hello Sharenapoco,

    the version of the plugin in the wordpress repository is not working at the moment.

    The fork is an update, so it works again.

    You can replace the plugin-Source in the plugin editor with this source via copy & paste, then it works again:


    thank you… I ended up figuring it out…. Do you know anything about the plugin at all? I am not sure how to utilize categories…. the directions don’t make much sense to me and I am spinning my wheels…

    Hello again,

    the original author has documented a lot and all of it is still in a great shape and does still apply, except for the google api key-stuff. That one is not needed anymore.

    You can find it all examples and more here:


    The plugin does not work with your code to. It is a pity, in messages not displayed map. You can fix this somehow? It would be of ideal if, instead of the address can be set directly on the map marker.

    Hello kingstakh,

    This is my testing page. You can clearly see, that it works.

    So please show me proof that it does not work for you.
    If you show me an example i may be able to reproduce or understand the error that you are encounting, which is the base for helping you.

    Thank you,

    Tnx for answer. WordPress version 3.5. Now, first I download this plugin, install, set “place map after content” other is default. Create new post, enter example address (Viale Kant 2, Roma), click publish. Post is published, but in post don’t display map, link to my post. If I create a custom page with shortcode [GLOBALMAP] like this, map is displayed, but markers from posts displayed not.

    Hello ramualdzabik,

    you are right! There is a bug!

    I’m on it.

    Greetings, shoff

    Hello ramualdzabik/kingstakh,

    thank you greatly for reporting the bug. The google API has changed again so the information for coordinates could not be downloaded automatically from google when entering an address.

    I have updated the repository now.

    Please check out the new version and report again, if you have additional trouble.


    Hi there. I think I’m having a similar problem on my blog as the maps don’t appear on my new posts (but still display ok on my old posts)

    Thanks for the fork – would you mind explaining briefly how I install your fix? And if I’ll need to re-enter all my addresses again?

    Any help would be fab. Thanks

    Hello Jonny,

    after applying the patch you only need to reopen the posts with missing maps and save them again. Due to changes in the Google Api the plugin was not able to retrieve the coordinates from google. They are needed to display the map.

    Your old posts are not affected.

    To update the plugin just copy the content of the php file into the file with the same name on your hosting place. It is very comfortable to do so using the plugin editor in wordpress.

    This link will take you directly to the raw code of the current bugfixed version, so all you’ll need to do is one copy and paste (and save changed file).


    Thank you so much for taking on the update to this plugin.

    This is a change of subject and I’ll be glad to start a new post, but I’d like to use it with custom fields that I created using ACF. does anyone know what code to add so my custom field post recognizes the Romeluv plugin??

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