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  1. markb1439
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Once again, I love this plugin!

    However, I've noticed a cosmetic issue. With the plugin activated and the original Themes menu suppressed, all of the icons in the Appearance section are gone. The spaces are there, but the icons don't appear (for example, the icon that normally appears to the left of the "Widgets" page header).

    How can I restore the icons?



  2. David Sader
    Plugin Author

    Posted 5 years ago #

    Unsetting the original Themes menu promotes the Widgets menu to parent and this messes up the screen_icon function which dynamically adds the icons/style to Appearance submenu pages. In my install, I'm not interested in promoting my replacement themes page as the parent and prefer the Widget menu at the top of the Appearance hierarchy now anyway.

    So, adding the following bit of style to the admin header hook puts the Appearance icon back in all the submenus of the Widget menu.

    I pasted this into the plugin near the top and the icon reappeared:

    add_action( 'admin_head', 'ds_unset_themes_icon_css' );
    function ds_unset_themes_icon_css() {
    	echo "<style type=\"text/css\">#icon-widgets{background:transparent url(". admin_url() . "images/icons32.png) no-repeat -11px -5px;}</style>";

    As well I needed to change this:

    <div class="wrap">

    to this

    <div class="wrap">
    <?php screen_icon(); ?>

    to add the appearance icon to this plugin themes page.

  3. markb1439
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thank you very much for the excellent support!

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