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    This plugin looks promising with a lot of options.
    I didn’t manage to see if it fit my needs, and I’ll be happy for your assistance.

    Suppose I have 3 categories – Category A, B, C, and I have 3 users – User A, B, C
    I want that User A will be able to write, edit and publish new posts only in Category A, and he won’t even see in the admin editor that there are more categories that are not accessible to him.
    The same needed for Users B and C to publish only to Categories B and C, accordingly.

    Is that thing possible to be achieved with this plugin?
    If so, how can I configure the plugin to enable this?

    Many thanks,

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  • Plugin Author Kevin Behrens



    Here’s the simplest configuration that would achieve that functionality:

    1. Make User A a WP Subscriber
    2. Go to Roles > Categories and give “User A” a Post Author role in “Category A”
    3. Repeat for other users


    I am having difficulty getting the solution you outline here to work in my situation which is basically the same – only allow posts to certain categories. When I set those roles as you outline, the users can still post to any category, so it seems that whatever settings I apply in rolescoper have no effect.

    I also run the “quick post widget” which allows registered users to post to categories straight from the front end quickly and simply.

    Are you aware if there is some conflict or incompatibility between quick post and rolescoper?


    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    I’m not able to recreate a problem with category availability. Are you sure they are WP Subscribers and don’t have another role assignment or group membership that would grant additional categories?

    I did confirm non-filtering of categories for “Quick Post Widget” and now accommodate that plugin in the updated Role Scoper development code (1.3.28-dev).

    Thanks for the effort. I uploaded and activated the new version of Role Scope (1.3.28-dev) and it has changed, but still doesn’t seem to work with Quick Post from the front end.

    Now, if a user (set as a subscriber) goes to his admin dashboard and enters a post from there, role scoper works does only show those categories that I set up with a Post Author role. So it works great for posting from there just fine.

    But, when that same subscriber tries to use the quick post from the front end, he only sees one category to post to.

    So, I think we are halfway there, any more ideas?


    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    I’m not seeing that. When I give a Subscriber a Post Author role in several categories, those categories are all available in the Quick Post Widget dropdown. Any other configuration details I should be aware of?

    Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    If some of them are subcategories without the parent category accessable, you will need to enable this option:

    Roles > Options > Features tab > Categories Listing > “Remap terms to visible ancestor”.

    Future RS versions will make that setting unnecessary for Quick Post Widget filtering.

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will try the “remap terms.”

    Basically, I have a dozen or so parent cats each with several subcats. I want to restrict posting to only the subs.

    With the prior version of your code, the dropdown list in quickpost showed and allowed posts to all cats, both parents and subs.

    With the current version (‘dev’), the dropdown list only shows one category.

    I will repost here the results of the remap and thank you again for your plugin and all your help.



    That works. Thanks, kevinB, you da man.


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