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  • I’m having huge difficulties with Role Scoper and custom post types and taxonomies.

    I have three types of content:
    1) Posts – with default taxonomies categories and tags and a custom taxonomy ‘Blog Type’
    2) Pages and
    3) Events (with custom taxonomies ‘Event category’ and ‘Event type’)

    I would like some additional users to be able to write posts but want to restrict them to a certain ‘Blog Type’. This user may use any category or tag though.

    This are the steps I followed:
    – I created a Role Group for authors that may post in ‘Blog Type’ = type1. Group:Type1
    – Under Options > Realm I ticked Categories,Post Tags and Blog Type under both Taxonomy Usage and Term Scope.
    – Under Restrictions > Categories I left all Roles untouched so unrestricted.
    – Under Restrictions > Blog Type I Restricted both Post Contributor and Post Author
    – Under Roles > Categories everything is untouched
    – Under Roles > Blog Type I went to the term type1 and assigned the newly created Group:Type1 to the Post Author Role

    For an author in this Group everything works as espected, he/she may post with any category or tag but is limited to one predefined term from the Blog Type taxonomy. So far so good..

    The problem
    Users with the Editor role can’t create or edit Events (custom post type) anymore. When trying to create and publish an Event WP says “You are not allowed to edit this post.” When creating it’s not possible to add any of the custom taxonomies ‘Event category’ and ‘Event type’.. What’s going on here? I’ve been testing scenario’s for almost two days now but I can’t figure it out.. Any help is appreciated

    By the way, custom post types and taxonomies are created with the GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugin by Milan Petrovic.

    WP 3.1, tried both Role Scoper 1.3.27 and 1.3.28-dev

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  • One possibility is that Role Scoper is not crediting the user as an Editor because of a mismatch between WP and RS role defs. Check Roles > Options > RS Role Defs and make sure “Event Editor” has the same “extra” capabilities (upload files, unfiltered html, etc.) as your Editor role def.

    Another possibility is that a default restriction of the Event Editor role (for Events or associated taxonomies) prevents the user from editing the newly created Event.

    Go to Roles > Options > Advanced tab > Additional Object Roles. Select Event Author and update.

    Now go back to the Restriction settings and make sure the Editor role is not restricted.

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