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  • Resolved Joachim Jensen


    Hello there,

    I just updated from 1.1.7 to 1.2.7 and noticed a bug. I have “split” a website in “sections” using Role Scoper with Category Roles and Site Roles.

    Let’s say a user (subscriber) is in Group A, which should be able to maintain pages with one specific parent. We can call these pages (including the parent) Block 1. Group A should also handle all posts in Category 1. To do this I have used the following settings in Role Scoper:

    Page Author: Group A – this is ticked so users in Group A can add new pages (to Block 1).

    *Category 1*
    Post Editor: Group A – Group A can only add new posts in this category, the others will be hidden/excluded.

    *Block 1 parent*
    Page Editor: Group A
    *Block 1 sub-pages*
    Page Editor: {Group A}

    Now, this worked fine in version 1.1.7. But after the upgrade, all categories are shown to users in Group A, thus the Category Roles are somehow ignored or overruled.
    If I remove the General Role (Page Author), the categories get excluded and only Category 1 are shown in the editor – as wanted. However, this means that Group A cannot add new pages in Block 1 (only edit existing ones).

    I have tried to find the bug myself, but I don’t really know where to look for the “category exclusion function”.

    How do I solve this?

    Thanks. And thanks for this wonderful plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Kevin Behrens


    I can confirm this bug in 1.2.7 as well as the current 1.2.8 beta.

    To fix it, modify query-interceptor_rs.php as follows:


    if ( $reqd_caps_by_otype == array( 'post' => array('read') ) ) {
       $page_taxonomy_usage = scoper_get_otype_option('use_term_roles', 'post', 'page');
       if ( array_intersect( $page_taxonomy_usage, array(1) ) )
       $reqd_caps_by_otype ['page'] = array('read');


    if ( array_intersect( array_intersect_key( scoper_get_otype_option('use_term_roles', 'post', 'page'), array_flip($taxonomies) ), array(1) ) ) {
       if ( $reqd_caps_by_otype == array( 'post' => array('read') ) )
          $reqd_caps_by_otype ['page'] = array('read');
    } else
          $reqd_caps_by_otype = array_diff_key( $reqd_caps_by_otype, array( 'page' => true ) );

    I have a cleaner implementation in the works for version 1.3, but this should fix the functionality for now.

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