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  • I know the title is a little startling, but honestly, it’s getting pretty frustrating. The plugin star rating/review system is literally becoming a tool for unhappy users to slate a plugins reputation in as little words as possible.

    Of course, I think it is a great idea to have users leave positive feedback, that aspect of it is brilliant. And I do get a lot of great feedback, but more and more I am seeing it used to simply do damage.

    As I’ve written a plugin dependent on jQuery, there is always going to be problems related to conflicts and backwards compatibility. I’ve accepted that, it’s just the way things are with jQuery and WordPress at this current time.

    Their frustration is definitely understandable when things go wrong (such as conflicts after upgrades), but instead of just starting a support topic (with which I am more than happy to help), they leave the a 1 star review. The most recent review I’ve gotten was “Annoying”.

    Shouldn’t this system be constructive, not destructive?

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  • Shouldn’t this system be constructive, not destructive?

    The system is not flawed (even though stars sans comment might be making drive-by shots too convenient), but responses and/or any number of stars driven by emotion rather than facts related to the actual plugin are what confuse things and do non-justifiable harm…imo.

    Oh the system is flawed, just like any review system. It’s also still pretty new.

    If you think you’re getting spam reviews, tag them modlook, same as always, and we’ll take a look. But really what we HOPE for is that you’ll get people to change their review stars by conversing with them.

    But yeah, the ‘should have been a support ticket, not a review, damn it’ problem is something we’re aware of.

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