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    The entity that paid for the work was very gracious to allow me to release the plugin as GPL so that others might benefit, but it’s not likely that I’ll continue work on it in my free time given the fairly low adoption rate of the plugin.

    Understood. I tried to add the press widget to it, but it seems that there is a bug in the widget itself, or something in my WP installation that removes the url after src. If that problem is ever solved I might try to add it. Otherwise, I found something else to use in the meantime.

    Plugin Author wcjcs


    I’m quite a few projects down the line, but if I recall, I also had an issue with that RN press widget. I’m thinking there wasn’t an HTML5 version at the time I released the plugin. Glad you have a workaround for the meantime. 🙂

    I remember when the HTML5 player widget first came out. That worked OK one, or two times and then just disappeared. They have obviously fixed that since then. It would be nice if RN would actually test their stuff on a WP installation.

    Plugin Author wcjcs


    Yes, that would be pretty sweet! There’s so many CMS/blog/etc platforms, it would probably be a full-time job to achieve that, so we’ll probably always be on our own.

    I still have a RN page with thousands of fans, but I’ve given up on the site — too many people just fanning up back and forth and skewing everyone elses stats while they game their own numbers. It’s just like back in the day.

    I would make some of my own widgets if I had the time and didn’t feel like I was “reinventing the wheel”.

    Almost all of the sites are like that. People become fans just to post comments that are nothing but ads for their own stuff. MySpace has a horrible problem with that. And Facebook, sheesh, people friend others just for the numbers. I only go to most of those sites just to make sure that everything is up to date and still working. I don’t mind networking, but I don’t like people saying they are friends, or fans just to advertise.

    Back in the days that was really the only option out there. RN just requires too much time to give it any serious attention. The control panel is just too much to deal with sometimes. I prefer to work on the music and not the numerous sites used to promote it. I still haven’t finished my own site. LOL

    Plugin Author wcjcs



    I’ve ditched both Myspace and Facebook — they are a hot bed of narcissism and idiocy.

    “look at me”
    “look what I did”
    “look what I got”
    “look how much greater my life is than yours”
    “look what my cat just did”
    “look how much cuter my kid got since the last pic I posted 10 minutes ago”
    “poor me, I’ll never find anyone”
    “look what my cat did… again…you know, in case you missed it before”

    Not to mention being a viable soapbox for every brain-dead, chronic-know-nothing out there to sound off about politics, religion, and many other things they have no background in or common sense enough to be rambling on about in the first place.

    You pretty much hit the nail on the head in terms of all this: let’s work on music rather than running around stroking each other’s egos. But well, you know, THAT would be considered weird. 🙂


    I mostly use FB just to keep in touch with friends I have that live in different parts of the country/world and don’t have an XBox. If it weren’t for a few good friends that play on XBox, I wouldn’t use that. It’s overrun with trash and Microsoft barely enforces the terms of service.

    I had to set my FB preferences to not receive email updates every time someone posts that pointless mess. I was getting so many emails from FB that I had about 3000 unread emails and it took 2 days to clean up my inbox.

    “my boyfriend called me from Taco Bell last night”
    “my boyfriend is going to call me tonight”
    “my boyfriend talks too much”
    “when my boyfriend comes over, we are going to Taco Bell”
    “my boyfriend told me that the government is using Facebook to watch us while we are on the toilet”
    “I told my mom not to use the bathroom anymore”
    “my mom thinks I am paranoid”
    “I really have to peeee!”
    “the government told me that my boyfriend is cheating on me with that bald girl at Taco Bell”
    “I want to thank my friends that offered to let me use their bathrooms”
    “I am calling my new boyfriend tonight, he works for the government and he said that I can use his bathroom”


    How many times in one day does someone need to change their profile picture? It makes me wonder if these people had nothing to do before FB arrived and now their lives revolve around it. 🙂

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