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  • Thanks for such a incredible plugin. I’m loving it!

    Everything went well with the installation, the only problem i’m having is that I can’t change the localization for this plugin; there is folder called “Languages” inside the plugin folder.. I was wondering if there is a way to change the language for the whole plugin (even in the administration).

    Also did a backup of resume-submissions-job-postings.pot and copy pasted the contents of resume-submissions-job-postings-es_ES.po and it only changed certains areas inside the administration.. any thoughts?

    I’m up for translating it to spanish!

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  • Plugin Author kandrews



    Thank you for using the plugin!

    In the updates after 2.0, I may have forgotten to update the .pot file.
    There has been more text added since the last one I added, so that is why you may see some things changed and not others.

    I will try to roll out an update later today to fix this and another minor issue.


    Wonderful, thanks for the quick answer! If you need any help updating the spanish translation, i’m all up for it.


    Plugin Author kandrews


    Thanks, I will keep that in mind!

    Just wondering if by any chance you had time to implement it? If not, I’d love to do it myself if you can give me some directions. 🙂

    Plugin Author kandrews


    Oh sorry, I didn’t get a chance to update the translation file.

    But, I did update the .pot file which is the main template language file.
    There is a plugin called Codestyling Localization which allows you to easily translate each plugin on your site.

    This plugin will create/update the es_ES.po and (or whatever es_ you need) files once you insert the translation.

    The .po and .mo files that are there now are still the old ones, just the .pot file was updated.

    If you see any text that can’t be translated, please let me know and I will update it so it can be.
    The only thing that can’t be translated is the images on the admin side. You can replace those if you like, but the change will be overwritten on future updates.

    Hope this helps!
    And if you care to send the es_ files when completed, then I will add your name to the file and throw it into the plugin.


    I’m trying to translate it but I don’t see changes being reflected in the plugin. I first installed WordPress as en_EN (I guess this is default, right?) then I switched to es_ES but it doesn’t seem to be working.

    Plugin Author kandrews


    The es_ES.po file is the one of old.

    The .pot should be copied and translated, then saved as es_ES.po, which should overwrite the old one.

    Here is what i did:

    I’ve installed the “Codestyling Localization” plugin.

    Then deleted all the localizations, generated a new one for es_ES which I suppose creates a es_ES pot file based on the original POT.

    After that, i translated the plugin, generated a .mo and went to check for any changes.. and no luck.

    I’ve also tried duplicating the pot file:

    resume-submissions-job-postings.pot to -> resume-submissions-job-postings-es_ES.pot as you suggested and tried translating with codestyling, it asked me to rescan all the functions, and then translated it again.. and still no luck.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author kandrews


    Try changing the resume-submissions-job-postings-es_ES.pot to resume-submissions-job-postings-es_ES.po

    Also tried to hardcode the original pot file and still no luck.

    Plugin Author kandrews


    Can you copy and past a few lines of your es_ES.po file?

    Po file:

    (Just translated posted (Publicado))

    I have deleted everything and started again.. so the first one is not translated yet. (archived job postings)

    Also.. i dont know if this is of any help but after deleting everything some fields are still “translated” to spanish which is very weird, i’m attaching a pic:

    Plugin Author kandrews


    Looks like you did it right.

    I’m not too familiar with actually having WordPress translate as I haven’t had to do it, so I’m just shotgunning ideas.

    But I will do some more research and see what I can find.

    Hi !
    I did the translation in French but i get the same problem. Only some area changed :s

    When will you fix it ?
    Thx 😀

    Plugin Author kandrews


    Which areas did not translate?

    I am in the middle of an update now, so I will look and see whats wrong.

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