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  • I have the same issue, did you have any luck working around this?

    I’m testing and having this issue in standard twenty-ten/eleven themes.

    Thank you,

    Same here…can’t seem to find out how to move it down further in the page?

    I suspect the solution might be found in …/responsive-slider/css/responsive-slider.css, but I only know enough CSS to be dangerous. I looked at the code, but I couldn’t tell what’s causing the slider to be placed above everything else in the post.

    Very disappointing, since this is the only responsive slider that’s working at all for me… and I tried a flock of them.

    the problem is that the plugin echos the shortcode result against any shortcode coding rules, instead of returning it.

    converted core function (is about in the middle of responsive-slider.php) (untested – no guarantee; make sure to have a backup copy of the original plugin):

    corrected pastebin:

    You’ll have to visit to see the problem. The slider is still at the top of the first post (it should be at the bottom, just above the slider in the next post).

    You’ll see it’s displaying code instead of images.

    thanks for testing, and particular for showing the broken result 😉


    edited pastebin

    Getting closer! 🙂

    The slider is now displaying where it should be: at the bottom of the post.

    However, only the captions are displaying, not the images.

    thanks –
    I forget to add the $post->ID to get_the_post_thumbnail()

    corrected v3:

    Terrific! It’s working now.

    There is the matter of the huge amount of blank space below the slider. It looks like about 200 px, based on the space between the next two posts. I would suspect it’s something in the plugin’s CSS, but I didn’t see anything that seemed like it would reserve that much space.

    I have the plugin set to the exact size of the images: 510 x 255.

    In your style.css (line 30) you have a style set that is causing the issue.

    li { margin-bottom: 2%!important; }

    I am going to download and install the slider plugin; see if I can reproduce the display problem, and check the css.

    will take a while…

    @hal Gatewood

    good catch 😉

    not a plugin css problem after all; layout works fine in my test site.


    if this is all, please mark the topic as ‘resolved’.

    Wow, Hal! That did the trick, all right. I changed the child theme to include:
    li { margin-bottom: 0!important; }

    I’m really out of my league on this responsive stuff. I would never have thought a list item definition (li) would have that effect.

    BTW, I just noticed the slider is displaying all eight slides, both the four for ID=1 and the four for ID=2 when I have in that post just this shortcode:

    [responsive_slider id=2]

    I notice the first command in that function is lacking a couple of assignments:
    'meta_key' => '_slider_id', 'meta_value' => $id
    but adding them in didn’t solve the problem. There must be something else that’s cause the function to ignore the slide ID.


    What Hal caught was the cause of the excess space below the slider. That’s what the CSS change fixes, not the subject of this thread, which is a plugin problem… and which your changed code fixes.

    I’m not the OP, so I can’t mark it as resolved.

    Does it look like this?

    `function responsive_slider($id) {

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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