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  • If you are not using titles on any of the slides, you can hide the element by adding this to your CSS:
    `.responsive-slider.flexslider .slide-title a {display:none;}
    This will over-ride the settings in the plugin CSS file (responsive-slider.css) for all titles.

    hope this helps


    Thanks for your help. Solved the problem!

    Do you add this code to the theme’s css or the the plug-ins css?

    You have to add it to the theme’s css.

    could you be more specific about where that code should be added?

    for beginners the info is not clear.

    there are 3 css files for the theme. [reset.css rtl.css style css]
    which one?
    and where would you place it exactly?

    or do you mean it should be in the themes css folder?
    if so in what form? as a completely new ccs file with one line of code or pasted into an existing css file? if so where?


    In the file style.css in your themes folder, opened in a code editor, you have to add the code from above no matter what line, best would be after all the other code in this file.
    Hope this will help you!

    That did work thanks.
    I did put into plugin theme css too and that seemed to work.
    Appreciate the quick answer.

    But remember when updating the plugin changes made in the CSS stylesheet of the plugin probably will be overwritten. Best is to add the code to the themes CSS and not to the plugins css!


    i’m tryin’ to disable the link-function of slides. is it possible?

    I’m newbe. sorry.

    regards from germany

    If you do not add a url in the “slide link” when you create a slide, then the image shouldn’t be clickable.

    At least not for me. 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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