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  • I modified this plugin to allow multiple sliders with the use of an ‘ID’ attribute. You can update the responsive-slider.php file with this text:


    [responsive_slider id=4], [responsive_slider id=homepage], [responsive_slider id=whatever]

    NOTE: I am not the original developer of this plugin so I updated the version number to 999.1.4 so you won’t get future updates.

    Thank you Hal, just what I was looking for!

    I concur, thank you Hal, perfect update!

    I was looking for the same functionality. Can this be added to the official plugin?

    Thank you, simple and great!

    No response from the plugin developer if he can integrate this patch into the original source code?

    I see on the developer’s website you have to buy a membership to get any support. So perhaps he is ignoring this free forum.

    Hal, any chance you can figure out how to override the maximum slides being based on the Reading / Blog pages show at most x pages setting?

    Hal’s file seems to be working OK, except that on my site it’s showing a bug that went away with the 0.1.5 update: The post title shows as the caption of the first slide, not the actual post title.

    Sorry to keep posting, but it doesn’t look like posts here can be edited.

    I determined what I think is the only difference between 0.1.4 and 0.1.5. Add this code to Hal’s file:

    275	wp_reset_query();

    That fixed the post title problem for me.

    Hal Gatewood


    Thanks llester,

    I have updated my txt file with the reset, I also set the ‘posts_per_page’ to -1 (shows everything) on line 239. Give it a try and let me know!


    Ha, ha! I got someone to provide a fix, but mine sets the max to 10, so yours is better.

    But for some reason, a problem from 0.1.4 is back with your file: instead of the post title being displayed, one of the captions is displayed.

    See my thread “Three Problems Solved” for the file that’s working best for me. Well, the thread that has three posts.

    The only problems still remaining is the slider going to the top of a post, regardless of the position of the shortcode, and a lot of wasted space at the bottom of the slider, about 100px on this site where I’m experimenting:

    Changing my file from 10 as the max to -1 works fine.



    I have version 0.1.5 and used the fix from Hal.
    I am pretty sure I have implemented things correctly. I just dont seem to get any output from the plugin anymore. i.e No slider shows.

    Does the code you provided Hal work with the version I am using?

    The version I worked with was 0.1.4. I haven’t text with 0.1.5.

    I have just released a developer version of this plugin in which I will ANSWER SUPPORT QUESTIONS!!!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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