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  1. elliesophie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm running wordpress software through Bluehost. I followed Bluehost's installation instructions and everything went fine. Then I installed the plugins Jetpack, LoginRadius, SocialLogin, and WPStats, but none of them will work because they require that I have a wordpress[dot]com account in order to configure the software/get the api keys. I typed in my username/password, but they say it's not a wordpress[dot]com blog.

    I've tried searching for how to get the keys, but all the plugin sites say that I need a wordpress[dot]com blog, but they don't offer any other suggestions. I've also tried searching Google (and this forum), but I haven't seen anyone with the same problem.

    Then I created a wordpress[dot]com blog with the same name, hoping that it would connect to my blog, but there isn't any way to re-direct that blog to go to the web url.

    In summary, the plugins still do not work and I am frustrated.

    How do I get the plugins to work?
    Do I need to have a wordpress[dot]com account in order to get the plugins to work?
    If so, how do I connect the wordpress[dot]com account to my blog?


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