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  1. JaceMan
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have switched to using WordPress for almost everything these days. Whether I need a CMS, a blog, a hybrid, a web store, whatever -- I pretty much find a way to try to work with WordPress. That being said, I had a friend come to me the other day and ask for my help in putting her a web site up and online.

    I immediately settled on -- *drumroll please* WordPress for those of you that didn't catch the hint about always using it now.

    So anyway, she works from home as a scopist (that's someone who edits court transcripts), and she wanted an online presence to show her clients. They frequently (like once or twice a week) have to send her large files (50 to 100 meg) online. She's been using third party services like yousendit.com and the like. Upon my building a site for her, she asked if we could incorporate into the site the ability for her customers to send the files to her.

    I didn't see a large problem with this, assuming her host would allow files of that size to be uploaded to her server, so I told her I would research a solution. I stumbled upon SWFupload, and it looks like it will do the trick -- but I'm not familiar with it, and reading through the documentation I have been unable to get it working either.

    I was hoping I'd find an extension for SWFupload already available for download, but I struck out. I couldn't find any extensions that allowed for a site's users to upload large files back to the WordPress owner to my surprise. So I decided to come here and ask for help.

    Is there an extension out there that will meet her needs already that I may have overlooked? Does anyone have enough experience with SWFupload to perhaps help me help her? Anyone interested in creating such a plugin?

    Thanks guys!

    P.S. I'm not a professional coder, programmer, designer, or developer. I'm just the resident "geek" in my crew (although, I'm probably not as 'geeky' as they believe I am), and as such get asked to help with stuff often times. I'm building this site for her completely free of charge. Please keep that in mind.

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