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  • I’ve found the subscribe to updates by email plugin. I’ve found the subscribe to comments plugin.

    Now, I’m wondering if there is a plugin that allows for:

    (a) email notification of posts made to just one category, and
    (b) a way to subscribe to the RSS feed of just one category.

    I know that there is one plugin that works for RSS feeds to tags, but that isn’t necessarily categories (in all cases), is it?

    Thank you.

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  • skippy



    You can subscribe to the RSS feed for a category, absolutely. If the site is using “pretty permalinks”, you can tack ‘/feed/’ to the end of almost any URI:
    will provide a feed of all items in just the “personal” category.

    Got it! I didn’t have the settings properly clicked on Livelines RSS. Ooops!

    Now, to find the email version that will allow subscribing to new posts in the category of the user’s choice.

    Thank you, Skippy.

    Is there a page that describes the way to automate seperate rss feeds for categories? I’m new to wordpress and don’t quite understand what’s necessary.

    mwsmedia, i went to these URLs on your site and found your RSS feeds for the two categories you have. One is empty, but it seems to work.


    so, that should – i guess – work for any other categories you have

    hope that answers your question. your feeds seem to already by automatically set (as most wordpress blog seem to be for all categories, now).

    Note the list_cats() / wp_list_cats() template tags provide a parameter to set a link for the rss2 feed of each category:




    plainsman: You can check out my cat2email plugin as a possible starting point. It’s not a full-featured per-user solution; but rather a means to tie together a blog and a mailing list.

    But it might provide something of a starting point for you.

    Anyone know if there’s any instruction anywhere for installing cat2email? I don’t see a Readme file with the download folder. Do you just plop the file into the plugins folder or what? And do you have to do anything else to activate/install it?

    No, there are no instructions that I’ve found. From what I can tell, you just pop it in the plug-ins folder and then click ‘Activate’ from within WordPress. Unfortunately, though, it appears any subscriptions have to be added/edited by the blogger, and not by the reader.


    I use the cat2email plugin as skippy intended, and it works very well, sending blog posts to my mailing list software, which is responsible for the subscriptions. It’s probably not the proper solution if your subscribers are WP users.

    BTW, does anyone know if cat2email works with the latest WP, 2.0.2 I believe it is now?

    I’m trying CAT2EMAIL but I get this error:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/www/www/wp-content/plugins/cat2email.php on line 98

    Is there a troubleshoot forum or any help links on cat2email? I don’t think I’m getting the full page under Admin–>Manage–>Category2email because there are no working fields and what is there doesn’t make much sense.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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