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  1. Choku
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a plugin where we can store karate competition results.

    The information that needs to be stored is:
    Name competitor
    Sex m/f
    Categorie (usally weight or open class)
    Either individual or team
    Name of tournament
    Date of tournament
    Place of tournament
    Country of tournament
    1st round match - competitor vs competitor / result #-#
    2nd round match - """""""
    3rd round match - """""""
    4th round match - """"""""
    5th round match - """""""""
    Etc etc .....

    What would be great is we could insert all results and then do a search on either the player or the tournament to see an overview of all the results.

    Also when you search on a player you should see extra information like:
    Date of birth
    Start date of karate
    Kyu : (Belt color / grade)
    Member of national team: y/n

    This is what we could really use right now ... So if someone is willing to make this then great :)

    Kind regards,


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