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  • Hi there …
    I hope I am putting this in the right section. If not please if possible move it to where it should or tell me where and I will close and create a new one.

    I am hosting a karate site for the karate dojo of my kids.
    Now .. We try to keep up with all the results and are now looking for a simple way to show the results per player.
    I have been looking for a plugin that let’s me create new fields where I can put the tournament name in and the result.
    Now not all our members are active online so a lot don’t have any profiles to begin with.

    What I am looking for is a page that shows all members (aka memberlist) with a picture of that person and then when you click on the person you will see all this persons achievements. For this I need to be able to add new tournaments + results and link them to the person so that they show.

    Can anyone help me out or show me a plugin that does just that????

    I really hope you can help me out!


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