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  • Hello again,

    Quite a few years ago I used a cPanel Email Creator “hack” for phpbb ( ) that, once the hack was installed, users could create their own email address on my domain through this cPanel script.

    (There are also .php cPanel Email Creation scripts out there like: )

    I was thinking that this would be a wonderful feature for WordPress. The ability for users to create their own (not admin created) email address on the domain hosting WordPress. Either they could create it themselves or when creating a login account for WordPress, it would automatically create an email address with the same username they chose for WordPress.

    I know there is a cPanel Operations script but that only allows people with administrative rights to create an email address. I figure, that with some tweaking, it could be set up for all users rather than just the admin. (Sadly, I’m weak in the area of coding 🙁 )

    Some features that would be great for it, if someone decided to try:

    Spam captcha – to be sure that bots don’t create the email address
    IP address limit – limits the IP address to one email creation
    multiple domain selection – if you have more than one domain on the server, it allows the user to choose the domain they would rather use.

    Anyway, thanks and hope someone is inspired to check it out 🙂

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