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  • Why isn’t there a plugin for WordPress that is straight-forward, simple, and to the point: I want to be able to create custom user fields that are presented during registration, and be able to set them as required or optional fields.

    Why? Because I would so love to be able to have a field for my website ( that goes like this, and is required:

    Type the following in reverse: dnuobnuyoj

    (followed by a single-line text box, of course)

    Additionally, if done right, this will allow all WordPress operators to create any kind of field that tests for human intelligence and competence. People could use this to create a short “test” that requires 100% correctness; people can be creative and produce unique questions that machines are incapable of answering.

    I would really appreciate a plugin like this. As of the past few weeks, spam bot registrations have suddenly spiked on forums and WordPress (I am not the only one; a handful of people I know and customers I have are also so suddenly experiencing the same problems).

    EDIT: Apologies for the venting:
    [15:59] 1:L.C.> Of everything that WordPress is and has.. NOBODY has made a plugin that allows for custom user fields in registration
    [15:59] 1:L.C.> Sure, there are a couple or few plugins.. but they are STATIC and FIXED and do not do the same thing; instead, they provide fields for First Name, Last Name, and stuff like this that has nothing to do with preventing spambot registration
    [16:01] 1:L.C.> A proper plugin will SIMPLY allow a WordPress operator to create custom user fields. They would be able to set whether this shows up during registration or not, if it is required or not, if it is a single-line/multi-line textbox or a radio or a checkbox
    [16:01] 1:L.C.> they would be able to set whether only one or a set of answers are accepted/allowed

    The irony is, of course, that this is pretty much a standard feature of every forum software and most CMS software. Why doesn’t WordPress have this? 🙁

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