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  • Has anyone else noticed that you can hardly use the Plugin repository? Seems like every time you go to load a plugin, you get a sales pitch for the “real” PREMIUM plugin. More and more people are abandoning their GPL licenses and magically making them commercial licenses (see All-in-One Event Calendar). Not that they actually ever mentioned a license or included the required GPL license with the plugin in the first place.

    Among the worst is “WordPress Advanced Ticket System“, which not only includes more non-functioning features than functioning features (“This feature only available in the premium version.“), they put a link in your WordPress footer that links to their “premium” plugin.

    If this isn’t going to be stopped, could you at least make a section for pure GPL Plugins where up-selling is not permitted?

    [ Closed as a duplicate, plenty of commentary on this same topic provided here and here already. ]

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