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  • Hi everyone!
    It is more than a week ago that I requested to host my plugin “talkingtext” in the plugin repository (here).

    My plugin is now listed under “Pending Requests” with the note “These should get approved soon, and you’ll get an email shortly thereafter. Thanks for submitting!”.

    But nothing has happened till now. No repository has been created.

    Could some admin give me a hint? 🙂


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  • Still nothing has changed. No admin out there? 🙂

    i have added a plugin 1 month ago and still no email

    I’ve seen a few threads about this problem, it seems to be mostly plugin authors who are noticing it, but as a WP User, I also want to know whether the /extend (plugins site) is working?

    At least to know when it will be updated again, for the benefit of all

    That’s a pity … the plugin repository is really a good thing… 🙁

    I’m currently experiencing the same problem. I have two plugins listed as waiting. There are TONS of plugins already on the system, so they must have been approved somehow or at some point. I’ll chase this on the wp-hackers mailing list.

    ditto. bringing this back up to remind everyone!

    Same problem! More than a week and waiting.
    The updating of existing posts works fine but new ones are blocked waiting for approval.

    Not very nice

    see this thread from yesterday:

    This is a frequent complaint.

    ditto here. plugin approval pending for more than a week. not the end of the world, i know, but surprising nonetheless.

    Anything new on this topic? I’ve submitted a plugin more than 3 weeks ago…

    1 month ago and counting……..

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Posting about it here won’t help. Report the delay here:

    I have also experienced some oddness with waiting for WordPress approval for plugins… I submitted my plugin to WordPress/extend/plugins/add/ over a week ago and heard nothing… I started wondering if they just needed more information, so i resubmitted the plugin as [my-plugin-name]-re-requested with a detailed account of what the plugin was about along with a note that I was re-requesting it.

    Later that day, /extend/plugins/add/ showed that my plugin had been accepted and I should receive an email within an hour… a day later and no email… so I rechecked /extend/plugins/add/ and saw that the plugins had resorted back to waiting approval… but thats not all, my extend profile page started showing mySQL errors (which I then promptly reported).

    3 days later, I get an email saying:

    Your plugin hosting request has been aproved.
    Within one hour, you will have access to your SVN repository

    Unfortunately, this was for the [my-plugin-name]-re-requested (do they not read the description of my plugin (required))?

    So feeling very disheartened at this point, I attempted to access the SVN repository… It does not exist (7 hours later) and my pending requests for plugins have now dissapeared.

    I have always liked WordPress and currently use it as a backend for 10 sites, this whole process has left me feeling quite left out of the so called WordPress community!

    I think WordPress should make a better effort to email the plugin submitters as their current seemingly underhanded approach disheartens new coders and more mature coders alike.

    As a mature coder, I feel as if I have been shunned and it now feels quite pointless continuing any work on my project (of which there are currently 2 developers).

    I would definitely feel more positive if at least I had an email stating:
    “We appreciate your efforts but unfortunately are unable to host your plugin, please feel free to host the plugin on your own site – maybe try again with any other plugin ideas you have soon. keep up the good work!”

    But I guess never knowing is currently the preferred method!!



    I submitted my plugin request a couple of days back, and with no feedback at all I looked in the forums to see what to expect. It seems that I should expect to wait a month or more for approval and then a bit more for SVN access. That is insane.

    Do they not want to host any more plugins? I’m happy to host and support the plugin on my site, but that didn’t seem to be the WP way. A central system has many advantages but with this lag time is it frustrating. It not only puts off coders (as the previous poster says) but it makes responding to a new plugin request lengthy.

    Requesters most likely don’t know that it takes several times as long to get the plugin into the system than it takes to code it in the first place.

    I submitted a request yesterday.
    I hope someone will do something about this.

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