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  • I created a plugin and finally got it into the wordpress svn repository. Friday it dissappeared, so I updated it several times but they didn’t update right in the repository, now I have multiple plugins showing in the add plugins, however none of them have downloads. The wordpress plugin page directs them to my-plugin-29 or some other version like that which is empty. I am new to svn and deleted all of the tags and everything else except the 2 originals, and added a third now which all the adding and committing to the repository went fine, however from the wrodpress plugin page it directs them to that phantom repository ‘my-pluxin-x’. I don’t know how to repair that, all I would have to do is take out the -x and it is fine, but I can’t edit the page. Anyone with any experience with this? The only other idea I have is to resubmit under a new name, however I would prefer not to do that unless it is the only option.

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    There really isn’t anything that can be done for that in the forums.

    For plugin repository issues such as this, please send an email to plugins AT

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