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    We are using the plugin on several pages, and with the most recent round of edits, we are finding that new content added in is acting strangely. Rather than the text flowing down below the question, it is now indented to the right of the question upon reveal.

    The same code elsewhere on the page performs normally. We are really perplexed. No amount of change in the formatting for the reveal text or the style wrapper code seems to affect this.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Update: Displays incorrectly in Chrome Mac, Safari Mac, Chrome Windows, Firefox Windows but is correct in Firefox Mac for reasons I cannot begin to understand.

    Further update: It kinda acts the way it should when I have the Chrome inspect tab open, or when the window is very small. Content Line length doesn’t seem to affect it.

    This is very confusing.

    Code example for the page copied and pasted from WP – section on top doesn’t work, section below does.

    <h6>[bg_collapse view="link-inline" color="#4a4949" expand_text="+ Schedule Additional Updates" collapse_text="- Schedule Additional Updates"]<strong>Schedule additional updates for the following:</strong>
    • Bonus Payroll
    • Value of Health Care Box 12 DD
    • Health Care Compliance (ie. Employee Status)
    Purpose </strong>
    • Coordinate scheduling for company level bonuses or additional processing. 
    • Ensure timely processing and handling of pay records. 
    • Planned processing schedule to meet business needs.
    • Meet deadlines for timely deposit of tax information. 
    <h6>[bg_collapse view="link-inline" color="#4a4949" expand_text="+ Review the Quarter Wage and Tax Register" collapse_text="- Review the Quarter Wage and Tax Register" ]<strong>Review report for possible SIT and SUI Credit Pages and Special Indicators.
    <strong>Reconciliation Checklists:</strong> Credit Condition
    • Ensure all employees are reported on Quarterly reports
    • Eliminate potential errors reported on employees
    • Update information for additional pay, or corrections in the correct quarter
    •Eliminated potential amendment conditions.
    <strong>Have I:</strong>
    • Reviewed the quarterly tax reports upon receipt?
    • Determined whether credit pages exist?
    • Identified the type of credit?
    • Identified which employees are affected?
    • Determined the cause of the credit situation?
    • Identified which reports are affected?
    • Contacted my ADP service team to discuss available options?[/bg_collapse]</h6>
    Plugin Author buntegiraffe


    Hello @liamstrain,

    I have looked at the link you sent me in all the browsers I have access to, but I don’t see the issue.

    Did you solve the problem in the meantime? What version of e.g. Chrome for Windows are you using?

    Best regards

    I have a dev working on it, and he seems to have fixed one problem, but caused new ones. I’ll regroup with him and see what he did tomorrow.

    Screenshot of what I was experiencing is linked here:


    Plugin Author buntegiraffe


    Hey @liamstrain,

    Looks more like a formatting issue to me. Please switch to the Text tab in your editor and make sure that you have no html syntax issues (divs that are not closed, for example).

    I am closing the topic as I do not see the issue with our plugin. If you need further assistance however, please post another reply.

    Best regards

    No broken code on our end, and only using the text editor.

    My dev ended up changing the plugin span element to take 100% width – the issue had to do with the width of the element, especially in a sidebar page layout.

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